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Nishiokoppe, Hokkaido
3 days ago
[Delicious and fun Spring market] You can enjoy delicious gourmet food and a children's fair. Nishiokoppe market! This year, it was held over three days during the Golden Week. On the first day, the tent was almost blown away. A strong wind blew through the storm Σ (゚Д゚) This time, the village Western-style restaurant, Harapekodo, also Stalls! They were selling Margherita pizza. At the children's fair, there is an annual rock-paper-scissors project Children's raffle, yo-yo fishing and candy fishing are available ✨. Attracted by attractive sweets and toys It seems that there were some children who tried again and again. Other Stalls are here! * Setoushi-kun grilled and chiffon cake * Soba noodles topped with Sansai tempura, Udon noodles * Yezo sika deer balls, deer meat stewed in red wine Tempura packed with many ingredients such as Sansai It was exquisite even if you ate it as it is! (^^)! During the markets period, the flower park is open free of charge. There were many people who looked at the flowers that heralded the arrival of Springs. It's kind of nice when the Roadside Station is crowded. Thank you to everyone who came!! #Nishiokoppe Village #Roadside Station #Kamu #Nishiokoppe market #GW #Gourmet #Children's Fair #Flower Park #Flowers #Spring
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Nagawa Town Tourism Association
24 days ago
This is the Shinshu Chowa Town Tourism Association. Nice to meet you all! Chowa Town, Nagano Prefecture is a town rich in nature and history in the center of Nagano Prefecture. ◇History of Chowa Town, Nagano Prefecture In Chowa Town, where the Nakasendo Highway, which connected Edo and Kyoto, passed during the Edo period, there are two Shukuba-juku, Nagakubo-juku and Wada-juku, and it is a tourist spot that still retains the remnants of that time. ・Nakasendo No.28 Wada-juku The Shukuba-juku is located at the foot of Mt. of the difficult "Wada Pass", which is about 800 meters Elevation the Nakasendo, and many travelers I nourished my energy here. The nationally designated historic sites "Wada-juku Main Camp", "Rekishi no Michi Shiryokan Kawachiya", and "Daikokuya" are lined up and you can enjoy the atmosphere of the Edo period. ・Nakasendo No.27 Nagakubo-juku In the Edo period, there were as many as 43 Shukuya (inns), the second largest of the 26 Shukuba-juku inns in Shinano. In addition, Hoshidan Pass in Chowa Town, Nagano Prefecture, has been a production area of Obsidian stone since Long time ago, and many people have lived there. Obsidian, which is sharp and easy to process, was used as a material for Stoneware for 30,000 years. ◇Introduction of sightseeing spots in Chowa Town, Nagano Prefecture◇ ・Utsukushigahara Highlands It is a Lava plateau that spreads around a Oogashira of 2,034 meters Elevation, and offers spectacular views of mountains such as Mt. Fuji, Yatsugatake, Gari and the Northern Alps. You can also see the idyllic scene of cows grazing on the Utsukushigahara Highlands. The evacuation tower "Tower of Beauty", which is installed in the center of the plateau to protect climbers by ringing a bell when fog occurs, is also a symbol of the Utsukushigahara Highlands. ・Roadside Station Marumero Station Nagato Fresh local vegetables and Specialty products are also a great spot to buy Souvenirs. In June 2020, we opened Markets Kokuyo, a direct sales shop with an exterior where you can feel the atmosphere of the Edo period. ・Kokuyo Water In the Toll road toll station of the Wada Pass, the not far from Famous Water Plaza is spring with water filtered by Obsidian bedrock. It has been selected as a "One of the 37 best waters in Shinshu". ・Nagato Hot Spring Yasuragi no Yu It is a facility where you can enjoy a day-trip hot spring adjacent to the Roadside Station "Marmelo no Eki Nagato", and the spring quality is sodium sulfate Hot spring, which is one of the "three most beautiful spring qualities in Japan". There is also an open-air bath and a Minamoto hot spring "Hagama bath". ・ Wada-juku Hot spring Fureai no Yu A day-trip Hot spring facility located in a corner of the vast sports park "Yuyu Park". The quality of the spring quality is "calcium sodium sulfate Hot spring. You can enjoy the scenery of the four seasons from the open-air bath. ・Obsidian Experience Museum You can learn the results of excavations in an easy-to-understand manner from actual Stoneware, anime, models, etc. ・Hoshikusokan You can learn about the state of Obsidian mining in the Jomon period, which was revealed by excavations, in an easy-to-understand manner through projection mapping, which directly projects onto the strata. * Those who enter the museum need to register at the Obsidian Experience Museum. ・Blanche Takayama Ski Resort Slope for skiers only, boasting 80% clear skies. There are various mountain trails and it is a ski resort that parents and children can enjoy. *The 2023-2024 season ended on March 31. ◇Event Information of Chowa Town, Nagano Prefecture◇ ・Otaya Festival It is an annual festival held every year in January at Furumachi Toyoke Grand Shrine. Five festival float decorations are dedicated in the town. ・Wada-juku Shukuba Festival It is an event that reproduction the history and culture of Wada-juku during the Lunar Bon Festival period, and is visited by many tourists. At night, lanterns illuminate the Shukuba town. ◇Specialty products and specialties of Chowa Town, Nagano Prefecture Chowa Town's Specialty Products include Dattan-soba noodles and fried rainbow trout. Specialty products nurtured by the rich nature of Chowa Town delight many tourists with their fresh taste. ◇Enjoy your trip to Chowa Town, Nagano Prefecture Chowa Town is a cityscape where you can enjoy the rich nature and atmosphere of the Edo period. We will send out recommended information so that you can enjoy your trip to Chowa Town in Nagano Prefecture, so please follow us. We sincerely look forward to your visit.
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Engaru Tourism Association
Mar. 31, 2024
~Flower Migration is a wide-area collaboration between one city and three towns: Takigami Town, Yubetsu Town, Monbetsu City, and Engaru Town~ 【Flower Migration】Event Information For two days on Friday, April 19th and Saturday, April 20th, we will hold "Let's go to Okhotsk in spring Flower Migration market! We will sell a lot of Adult Specialty Products of Okhotsk ("Moon Cheese" in Takikami Town, "Yubetsu Beef Hamburger" in Yubetsu Town, "Monbetsu Coffee" in Monbetsu City, "Wintering Shirataki Jaga" in Engaru Town, etc.)!! In addition, there will be ♪ a large gathering of local characters, an exhibition of real drift ice, and a booth where you can experience making obsidian accessories And get Information on spring "Shibazakura" and "Tulip" here! !! Please come to ♫ the venue
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Toyooka Village Tourism Association
Mar. 11, 2024
Don't 😊 forget to check ✅ out the desserts in the Veggie Kitchen Today, handmade pound cakes were lined up. Conscious of White Day, it is ❕ white chocolate It has a faint sweetness aroma and can be eaten with a lick. In addition, handmade Ume Plum Jelly (of course Ume Plum is also from ✨ Toyooka), Strawberries 🍓🍓✨ from Toyooka Please check 👀 out the showcase next to the cash register Right now, we are in the middle of the White Day Fair (Until March 15) Chocolate fondue (500 yen) Only now you can 🤍🤎🤍🤎 also choose white chocolate I can't wait for spring to come and grow a lot of vegetables The Veggie Full Kitchen is still alive 😄 and well today You can also reserve a seat. Please contact us ✨ ✼••┈┈••✼••┈┈••✼••┈┈••✼••┈┈••✼ Veggie Full Kitchen Fresh vegetables and fruits from Toyooka Village Buffet-style with plenty of Vegetable Garden Buffet Restaurant ✨ ﹍ ﹍ ﹍ ﹍ ﹍ ﹍ ﹍ ﹍ ﹍ Veggie Full Kitchen VEGE-FULL KITCHEN ﹉ ﹉ ﹉ ﹉ ﹉ ﹉ ﹉ ﹉ ﹉ Roadside Station Minami Shinshu Toyooka Marche ▶ Nagano Prefecture Shimoina-gun Toyooka Village Kuma Shiro 12410 #Veggie Kitchen #vegefullkitchen #Buffet #Restaurant #Vegetable Garden Buffet #Toyooka Markets #Minami Shinshu and Yooka Markets #Roadside Station #Roadside Station Restaurant #Toyooka Village #Iida City #Shimoina #Dessert #Handmade dessert #Pound cake #White chocolate #Ume plum jelly #Plenty of vegetables #Vegetable buffet #Tomato Meat and Potatoes
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Nirasaki Tourism Association
Feb. 29, 2024
■ Date and time 2024 (Reiwa 6)Sunday, March 24, 10 a.m. ~ 3 p.m. ■Venue Nirasaki City Citizens' Exchange Center Nikoli 1st Floor Open Terrace Address: 1-2-50 Wakamiya, Nirasaki City ---------------- Popular shops in Nirasaki City will gather! !! NIRA Markets is packed with many delicious flavors and experiences, such as mildly flavored coffee, freshly fried crispy authentic Indian curry bread, niraman and nira yakisoba with plenty of "chives"! Be sure to visit Nirasaki in spring! ≪ chance to win the Garapon lottery! ≫ Limited to the first 100 people! Use the two shops in NIRA markets, Get a chance to win a Garapon lottery to win Neela goods! ≪ will be held at the same time! "Nirasaki Wine Festival"≫ A large collection of wines that Nirasaki City is proud of! There are plenty of plans to liven up events such as delicious gourmet food, wine, bingo games, wine seminars, and wine competitions! Venue: Nirasaki Station Square Organizer: Nirasaki Wine Promotion Executive Committee
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