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Tomakomai Tourism Association
Nov. 28, 2023
🏒 The 12th Women's Japan Ice Hockey League 2023-24 SMILE JAPAN LEAGUE 🏒 On November 23 (Thu) ~ 25 (Sat), the second round of the Women's Japan Ice Hockey League was held at "NEPIA Ice Arena" in Tomakomai City! 🏒 It was a heated match with both sides not giving in, and the supporters were also hot! 😆✨ If you haven't seen an ice hockey game before, I highly recommend you watch it! 🙌 In Tomakomai City, there is a professional ice hockey team called "Red Eagles Hokkaido" based in Tomakomai City! 🦅 We are currently in the regular season of the "Asia League Ice Hockey 2023-2024", so if you have the opportunity or are interested, please search for "Red Eagles Hokkaido"! 💻🖱
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