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Kiso Tourist Federation
May. 14, 2024
How do you do! This is the Kiso Tourism Federation! Kiso, Nagano Prefecture is a region in the Kiso River basin of Nagano Prefecture and consists of eight cities and towns: Nakatsugawa City, Nagiso Town, Okuwa Village, Agematsu Town, Kiso Town, Otaki Village, Kiso Village, and Shiojiri City. Located in a valley surrounded by 3,000-meter-high mountains that have been selected as a 100 Famous Mountains of Japan, it is an area where delicious air, water, and Healing space brought by Nature spread. The historic Shukuba-juku town still remains along the old Along the road and is visited by many travelers. In this article, we will introduce you to the history and highlights of the Kiso, as well as Information local Specialty Products and events. ◆History of Kiso, Nagano Kiso The Nakasendo Highway, which connected Kyoto and Edo during the Edo period, was an important highway with many people coming and going. Kiso, which is part of the Nakasendo Highway, has prospered as a transportation hub since ancient times, with many travelers and supplies coming and going. Many Shukuba-juku towns have developed and retain their faces even today, and Kisoji was designated as the first Japanese heritage site in Nagano Prefecture. At that time, 69 Shukuba were placed in the Nakasendo 540-kilometer process, of which 11 Shukuba are located in Kisoji. Nakasendo Kisoji 11 Shukuba ・Niekawa Juku ・Narai juku ・Yauhara juku ・Miyanokoshi juku ・Fukushima juku ・Agematsu juku ・Suhara-juku ・Nojiri juku ・Midono juku ・Tsumago juku ・Magome juku Even now, the cityscape of the Edo period Unfolds on Kisoji, and you can feel as if you have traveled back in time to the Edo period. ◆Introduction of tourist spots in Kiso, Nagano Kiso ◇Kiso Kaida Highlands Elevation Kaida Highlands overlooking Mt. Ontake, which stretches for 1,100 to 1,400 meters, is Unfolds with rural scenery. There are sports facilities and Hot spring facilities, and it is crowded with many tourists. At the "Kiso Horse Village" in the Highlands, you can also enjoy horseback riding and horse-drawn carriage experiences. ◇Nezame-no-Toko On the floor of Nezame-no-Toko in Agematsu town, you can see a strangely shaped granite rock that looks like a row of large boxes. It was designated as a national scenic spot in 1923 and became a Central Alps National Park in 2020. ◇Akasawa Natural Recreation Forest It is one of Japan's three most beautiful forests in Agematsu town, and there is a forest of natural Kiso Hinoki trees that are more than 300 years old. It is also the birthplace of forest bathing, where Japan's first forest bathing competition was held in 1982. ◇Ontake Lake, Shizenko (Nature Lake) The beautiful lake in Otaki village also offers ontake lake canoe touring and Shizenko (Nature Lake) nature canoe tours. Since you can see the beautiful appearance of the four seasons, it is a popular photo Spot and is visited by many tourists throughout the year. ◇Atera Canyon The emerald green clear streams of Atera Canyon in Okuwa Village are called "Atera Blue" and are a popular healing spot for girls' trips. ◆Introduction of Roadside Station in Kiso, Nagano Kiso At the Roadside Station, fresh vegetables and specialty products from the local Kiso are lined up, and you can enjoy Kiso's gourmet food. Souvenirs are also recommended! ・Roadside Station Kiso Fukushima (Kiso Town, Kiso-gun, Nagano Prefecture) ・Roadside Station Hiyoshi Kiso Koma Kogen (Hinoyoshi, Kiso-cho, Kiso-gun, Nagano) ・Roadside Station Kiso River Headwaters Village Kisomura (Kiso Village, Kiso-gun, Nagano Prefecture) ◆Introduction of Specialty products and crafts of Kiso, Nagano Kiso Kiso is also known for its rich specialty products nurtured by its natural environment. Matsutake mushrooms in Kiso town are famous for their high aroma and are popular as a taste of autumn. Sunki, pickled red turnip, and Maki of magnolia leaves are traditional gourmet foods in Kiso where you can enjoy their unique flavors. In addition, Kiso lacquerware is an Ancient tradition that has been handed down in the Kiso area for a long time, and the longer it is used, the warmer and luster it becomes, and the more beautiful it shines. ◆Introduction of local events and festivals in Kiso, Nagano Kiso ◇Mizunashi Shrine Festival (Mikoshi (portable shrine) roll) This festival, held every July, is a rare festivals in Japan where about 100 kan (about 400 kg) Mikoshi (portable shrines) are rolled or dropped and destroyed overnight, and is also called "One of the world's strangest festivals". ◇Kiso Yoshinaka Flag Raising Festival It is a festival registered as a Component Cultural Assets, and mourns Lord Yoshinaka, lights a fire character in the shape of a "tree" on Mt. Yamabuki, and a warrior procession parades through the town. ◆Introduction of Kiso, Nagano Prefecture Kiso, Nagano Kiso is a fascinating region for its magnificent nature and rich history. While walking along the old highways that have remained since the Edo period, you can feel the unchanging scenery that travelers must have felt at that time. We will continue to send out Information that will convey the charm of Kiso to everyone who sees COOL JAPAN VIDEOS, so Best regards!
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