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Chiba City Tourism Association
22 days ago
Chiba Shrine The main shrine of the North Star god "Myomi-sama". The star of man = Evil removal that controls fate, removes bad stars and leads to good stars, and eight directions that avoid disasters related to the azimuth. Prayer is a lot of worship in search of two powers. Although it is located in the city, it is also famous as a Power Spot where you can feel a mysterious atmosphere when you step inside. According to the legend of Chiba Shrine, when Chiba Tsuneshige moved his residence from Oshii Castle to Inohana Castle, he brought the Myomi-son, which had been handed down from his ancestors, to this place and built the Myomi-sha. After that, it was revered as the guardian deity of the Chiba clan until Chiba Shigetsu was destroyed by Toyotomi Hideyoshi in the 18th year of Tensho (1590), and the temple was abolished by the Meiji era separation decree and became the Chiba Shrine to enshrine the main life of Tengochu. The annual summer festival "Myōken Taisai" has been held without interruption since the first festival began in the second year of Taiji (1127) and has become a tradition in Chiba. ■ Access: ・ 10 minutes walk from JR Chiba Station Central Ticket Gate East Exit ・10 minutes by car from Anagawa IC in Keiyo Province ■Address: 1-16-1 Hospital, Chuo-ku, Chiba City
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Sep. 10, 2023
Oi Shrine is the water god of the Oi River, and there is a kami pond with clear water in its precincts, and the pure water from an old well flows into the precincts. The water temperature is almost constant all year round, so it feels cold in summer and warm in winter. The first pond was built in the precincts of the shrine in 1915, about 100 years ago, to commemorate the 300th anniversary of the relocation of Oi Shrine to the land of Shimada, and was built around the current parking lot on the side of the shrine office by the services of the veterans at that time. The current pond was moved to the center of the precincts in 1985 during the commemoration of the 60th anniversary of Emperor Showa's accession to the throne, and it is more magnificent in size and scenery than the previous pond. Now it is indispensable in the precincts, and it is a beautiful water scenery of the water god.
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