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Niikappu Tourism Association
20 days ago
Long time no see. I would like to introduce (^^)/ a park called Hangankan Forest Park in Niikappu, which is recommended for the coming season The Judge's Forest Park is a large rock wall with a vast site area of about 66 hectares. ●Campsite ●Field Athletic ● A promenade where you can stroll through the primeval forest of broad-leaved trees ● Plantain trillium growing in large clusters around May --Judge's Cape where you can overlook the endless Pacific Ocean and urban areas and so on! The name "Judge's Palace" was given based on the following legend: "There is a sad legend that about 800 years ago, Judge Minamoto Kuro Yoshitsune fled the persecution of his brother Yoritomo and fled to the land of Ezo, built a mansion in this critical place, and rested himself, and there is a sad legend that Pirikamenoko, who fell in love with Yoshitsune, left the world against the opposition of his parents and threw himself from here." Judge's Pavilion = It means the place where Judge Yoshitsune Minamoto Kuro built the building. It is also said that "in the 9th year of Kanbun, the hero of Shibechari, Shakshine, left a sad story of being murdered, and at the end of the Edo period, the shogunate's meeting place was located." It's romantic to think that a historical figure might have stood in the same place. It takes about 40 minutes to go around the promenade, but you can take a walk or do a trail run while admiring the precious flowers and wild birds that live in the untouched nature. At the end of the promenade, Cape Judge, where you can overlook the endless Pacific Ocean and the urban area of Niikappu, is a must-visit spot. The Sunset over the Pacific Ocean seen from Cape Judge is one of the best views in Hidaka! The powerful orange color of the Sunset is powerful and sinks into the sea! (^^) I think you can feel the splendor of nature that cannot be created by man-made objects, such as the speed of the passage and the gradation of orange and the darkness of the night. By the way, at Niikappu Hot spring Hotel Hills in the town, you can enjoy the spectacular view while taking an open-air bath! (^^)! It is also recommended to play or take a walk in the Judge's Palace Forest Park, and then go into the Hot spring to sweat it out and watch the Sunset go down (*^^*) 【Judge's Pavilion Forest Park】 Address: Niikappu Takae (along National Route 235. About 3 minutes by car from the Roadside Station. ) Opening hours: The park is open 24 hours a day, all year round (campgrounds are open from late April ~ end of October) 《Inquiry》 Town planning group, Planning Division Phone: 0146-47-2498 (0146-47-2193 for campsites) E-mail:teijyu@niikappu.jp
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