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Iijima Tourism Association
10 days ago
How do you do! This is the Iijima Town Tourism Association. Nagano Prefecture Kamiina County Iijima is a town of about 8,900 people located in the center of the southern Inadani Valley of Nagano Prefecture. With the Central Alps to the west and the Southern Alps to the east, it is a city where you can see the two Alps. COOL JAPAN VIDEOS will continue to provide Recommendations and Latest Information on Iijima Town, Nagano Prefecture, so thank you! ◇◇What is Iijima Town, Nagano Prefecture? Iijima Town has two famous fireworks shops nationwide. "fireworks" is familiar to Iijima townspeople, with many fireworks launched throughout the year, such as the "Senninzuka Underwater fireworks Tournament" in Spring, the "fireworks at events" in the summer, the "Dedication Smoke Fire" every week in September ~ October in autumn, and the "New Year's Eve New Spring fireworks festival" on New Year's Day. In addition, craftsmen have inherited "Straw work" as a traditional culture since ancient times. Straw work made in Iijima Town is famous throughout Japan, and it is responsible for making Making ring-shaped bales of rice for sumo wrestling and Sacred straw ropes for Famous shrines. In addition, Iijima Town has been attracting attention as a comfortable town to live in in recent years, and the number of immigrants is increasing. ◇◇Introduction of sightseeing spots in Iijima Town, Nagano Prefecture 【Mt. Karakasa】 It is a mountain with an elevation of 1542 meters, and two mountain trails were developed in 2013. From the Observation decks and the summit, you can Unfolds a spectacular view of the Southern Alps. 【Campsite in Iijima】 There are three campsites in Iijima, so please enjoy the campsite that suits your purpose. ・Senninzuka Park Campsite It is a natural park located in the Nanakubo district of Iijima Town, and is full of activities to enjoy the rich nature such as camping, standup paddleboarding, fishing and trekking. ・Inaka no Kaze Campsite Agricultural experience, beetle hunting, and other experiences of Nature can be experienced. ・Yodagiri Park Campsite Sports facilities include tennis courts and swimming pools. The natural water "Kosumo no Mizu" that springs in the park was selected as one of the 15 best and secret waters in Shinshu. 【Roadside Station Hananosato Iijima】 Freshly picked local vegetables are lined up and you can enjoy your meal. It overlooks the Central Alps and the Southern Alps. [Roadside Station Tagiri no Sato] There are many products that are full of the blessings of Iijima's nature, and you can feel the charm of "Minami Shinshu Iijima". Soft serve ice cream in the take-out corner is also popular. ◇◇Specialty products of Iijima Town, Nagano Prefecture Alps Salmon, a large rainbow trout raised in the clear water of the Alps Fresh Water, is a delicious dish with a firm fat. In addition, there are many Soba restaurants lined up in the town, and you can eat authentic Handmade Soba noodles. ◇◇Introduction of festivals and events in Iijima Town, Nagano Prefecture 【Shinshu Ijima Wind Road Wind Chime Festival】 This event was recognized by Guinness World Records in 2023 for the largest number of wind chimes on display. In the venue, 10,000 wind chimes played a cool sound. In addition, there are many food stalls lined up in the venue, and guests who match the concept appear every year on a special stage. 【Iijima Town Rice Bale Marathon】 In Iijima Town, where Rice cultivation has been popular since ancient times, a marathon is held in which Rice Bales are carried. It is a Popular event that will be held for the 11th time in 2023, and every every year, applications will flood in and the capacity will be filled with applications as soon as recruitment starts. ◇◇Introducing Recommendations for Iijima Town, Nagano Prefecture Iijima in Nagano Prefecture is a fascinating region for its natural beauty, rich history, and heartwarming local events. Please spend a healing time in Iijima. This Account will send out Tourist Information of Iijima Town, so please follow us.
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Jul. 10, 2023
★ The 18th COOL JAPAN VIDEOS Photo Contest is currently being ★ held with the theme of "Japanese festival" We're looking forward to seeing everyone's wonderful submissions! This time, we will introduce the post of "Kazmisa KazMisa"! One of the three Inari shrines in Japan, Takekoma Shrine, is a historic shrine built in 842. During the summer festival, many "wind chime" and "windmills" are installed in the precincts, and they are lit up at night. ◆Takekoma Shrine◆ 【Hokkaido Jingu】〒989-2443 Miyagi Prefecture, Iwanuma City Inaricho 1-1 【Access】 About 20 minutes from Sendai Station to Iwanuma Station on the JR Tohoku Main Line, about 15 minutes on foot from Iwanuma Station on the JR Tohoku Main Line and Joban Line 【Summer Visitation Period】July 1, 2023 ~ August 31, 2023
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Jul. 8, 2023
Takekoma Shrine, located in the center of Iwanuma City, Miyagi Prefecture, is a venerable Inari shrine that is counted as one of the three major Inari shrines in Japan.
Every year from July ~ the end of August, "Summer Visits" are held here, and during the period, glass wind chimes and original wind chimes of white foxes are displayed on the approach to the shrine grounds, and summer attire that feels cool is applied.
The wind chimes swaying in the wind play a summery tone, so you will feel cool.
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