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Taiki Tourism Association
Apr. 25, 2024
🎏 Announcement 🎏 of [Rekifune River Clear streams Koi Nobori] 2024 (Reiwa 6) degree Rekifune River Clear streams carp streamer is being held from 4/19! Displaying (installation) period: 4/19 (Friday) to 5/6 (Monday) The Rekifune River Clear streams Koi Streamer is an event that can be said to be a spring tradition in Taiki Town, where carp streamers swim along the entire width of the Rekifune River River from late April to early May every year. This year, the number of koi streamers has increased compared to every year, and carp streamers swim from the edge of the Rekifune River to the top of the riverbed. In addition, a mini event for children will be held on Sunday, May 5. There are many fun events such as fluffy domes, mazes, smart balls, balloon kite exhibitions, dance presentations by the Taiki Town Street Dance Circle, and molook experiences, as well as delicious gourmet food! Please come and visit us! Date & Time: 5/5 (Sun) 10:00~14:00 Location: Taikibashi Upstream Waterfront Plaza
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Atami Tourism Association
Feb. 16, 2024
Himenosawa Park Himenosawa Park, a famous flower spot in Atami, is full of seasonal flowers! It is a natural park where you can enjoy full-fledged athletics. There are about 600 species of plants that can be found in the park. In an environment like a botanical garden, a variety of flowers are in bloom, from flowering trees such as azaleas to wildflowers. (The photo shows the azalea flowering in late April ~ early May) It takes about one and a half hours from Himenosawa Park, and you can also trek to Jukoku Pass while enjoying nature. "No matter when you visit, you will be greeted by flowers" Please enjoy the impressive flower scenery to your heart's content. Address: 〒413-0002 Shizuoka Prefecture Atami City Izuyama Himenosawa 1164 Phone number: 0557-83-5301 (Himenosawa Park Management Office) Access: About 30 minutes by bus bound for Motohakone from JR Atami Station→ get off at Himenosawa Park Admission: Free Parking: Free (Sazanka parking lot: 46 cars, 3 buses), etc.
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Mar. 24, 2023
★ The 16th COOL JAPAN VIDEOS Photo Contest is currently being ★ held under the theme of "Sightseeing spots Japan to visit in spring" We look forward to receiving many applications from you! This time, we will introduce a post by "okayamanosimin"! You can feel the spring of Japan in the scenery of rape blossoms and carp streamers. Kasaoka Bay Farm, a roadside station located in the Kasaoka Bay polder, Kasaoka City, Okayama Prefecture. The roadside station has many attractions such as selling locally caught agricultural products and a café where soft-serve ice cream is popular. In addition, the area around the roadside station is full of nature, and you can enjoy rape blossoms in spring, sunflowers in summer, and cosmos in autumn. ◆Road Station Kasaoka Bay Farm◆ 【Address】〒714-0046 Okayama Prefecture, Kasaoka City, Kabuto Minami-cho 245-5 【Access】 About 25 minutes from Sanyo Expressway Kasaoka IC About 15 minutes by taxi from JR Kasaoka Station 【Parking lot】Available
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Mar. 20, 2023 (edited)
Kasaoka Bay Farm is a roadside station located in the Kasaoka Bay polders in Kasaoka City, Okayama Prefecture.
In the adjacent area, rapeseed flower fields appear in spring.
From February to March, you can enjoy endless rape blossoms.
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開智国際日本語学校(Kaichi International School of Japanese)
May. 2, 2022
[English/Japanese] May 5th is Children's Day. On Children's Day, people decorate the outside with fish (carp) called Koi Nobori. Koi Noboris" are decorations to wish for the growth of children and their success in life. The Asakawa River in Nishi-Hachioji is decorated with many Koi Noboris (carp streamers). The carp streamers flowing on the river are beautiful and very moving. It takes about 25 minutes to walk from the school, which is a bit far, but please go and see them. May 5 is Children's Day. On Children's Day, we hold a fish called "Koinobori" outside (Koi Koi). "Koinobori" wishes for the growth and advancement of children. At Asakawa in Nishi-Hachioji, many events are held to decorate "koinobori". The streamers flowing over the river are beautiful and very moving. It's about a 25-minute walk from the school, and it's a little far away, but please go see it.
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