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Jul. 12, 2023
Rough waterfall, raising water splashes... The thin, beautifully flowing cloud waterfall is fascinating, but the thick waterfall of clouds! Exciting!! (^^♪♡ 2023.07.09. #cloud waterfall #Sea of Clouds #Chaoyang #I want to connect with people who take pictures #I want to connect with people who like photography #My World Through the Viewfinder #Edori Theater #Shiori Pass #Superb view of Uonuma City #Uonuma City #Niigata Prefecture #Jabifuru #CloudWaterfall #SeaofClouds #risingsun #japan_morning_view #japan_ beautiful_days #landscapephotography #naturephotography #wu_japan #lovers_nippon #pixlib_jp_ #uonuma_pic #niigatapic #niigata_japan_ #gataphoto #Niigata Travel Mag #bakka likene Niigata #Snow Country Camera Department #Yamanokuni
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Jun. 7, 2023
★ The 17th COOL JAPAN VIDEOS Photo Contest is currently being ★ held under the theme of "Japan's Hidden Sightseeing Spots" We look forward to receiving many applications from you! This time, we will introduce the post of "Yusho Nunokawa"! The contrast between the sunlight and the clouds is fantastic. "Mirage Bell" in Uozu City, Toyama Prefecture is a tourist spot in Ariisokai SA, the down line of the Hokuriku Expressway. In 2009, it was selected as a sacred place for lovers, and a Mirage Bell made of Takaoka copperware was installed. In the surrounding area, there is also a "Heart Lock" where you can attach a message of love to a heart-shaped lock, which is popular with couples. ◆Lover's Sanctuary / Mirage Bell◆ 【Address】 〒937-0823 Toyama Prefecture Uozu City Yugami 848 【Access】About 10 minutes by car from Uozu Station on the Ainokaze and Yama Railway 【Parking lot】Available (Please check the official website for details.) )
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Jun. 6, 2023
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  • Lover's Sanctuary/Mirage Bell
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