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Doshi Village Tourism Association.
Mar. 3, 2024
Nice to meet everyone who watches COOL JAPAN VIDEOS! This is the Doshi Village Tourism Association. The Minamitsuru-gun Doshi Village of Yamanashi Prefecture attracts visitors to visit with its abundant nature, Clear water, and pleasant tranquility. In the COOL JAPAN VIDEOS, we will tell you the wonderfulness of Doshi Village to the fullest, so please take a look. △▼△What is Yamanashi Prefecture Minamitsuru-gun Doshi Village? △▼△ Yamanashi Prefecture Minamitsuru-gun Doshi Village is a village in the southeastern part of Yamanashi Prefecture and is the easternmost village in Yamanashi Prefecture. The Doshi River flows through the central part of the village, which is blessed with abundant water sources. The population is about 1,500 (as of 2024). Since you can come into contact with the great nature of Doshi Village with good access in less than 2 hours from the city center, many campers visit due to the camping boom in recent years. △▼△Enjoy camping in Doshi Village△▼△ Doshi Village has many campsites mainly along the Doshi River, and is also called a sacred place for camping.  There are many recommended campsites that cannot be described here, such as camping while enjoying mountain stream fishing and playing in the Doshi River, calm and moist camping in the forest, and private camping for various groups. Why don't you find your favorite campsite? △▼△Introduction to sightseeing spots in Doshi Village△▼△ Campgrounds are not the only tourist attractions you can enjoy in Doshi Village. Refresh your mind and body in the great nature of Doshi Village. 【Mt. Omuro】 Mt. Omuro, which is 1588 meters above sea level, has been selected as one of the Yamanashi Hundred Famous Mountains. Located on the border with Kanagawa Prefecture, you can experience the fresh greenery of spring, autumn leaves, and the beauty of nature in all four seasons. 【Mt. Mishotai】 Doshi Village's highest Mt. Mishotai has also been selected as one of the Yamanashi Hundred Famous Mountains. From the southern slope of the summit, you can see the majestic Mt. Fuji. 【Roadside Station Doshi】 Located along Route 413, Roadside Station Doshi is a place where you can buy fresh vegetables and specialty products from Doshi Village. It is recommended for looking for Souvenirs when sightseeing in Doshi Village. [Doshi River Hot Spring Beni Tsubaki no Yu] It is a hot spring facility that you can enjoy surrounded by nature. Not only guests staying at the lodging, but also day-trip hot springs can be enjoyed, so why not stop by on your way back from mountain climbing or camping? 【Kubo's Suspension Bridge】 The "Kubo Suspension Bridge" at the trailhead of Mt. Omuro is a suspension bridge with a total length of 71 meters and a height of 34 meters. It is located along the national highway, so you can easily stop by on the way to the drive. △▼△Doshi Village's specialties and local gourmet food△▼△ 【Watercress】 Watercress, which grows in the clear water of Doshi Village, is known for its freshness and flavor. Boasting one of the highest shipment volumes in Japan, you can enjoy it in a variety of dishes such as salads and tossed dishes. △▼△Doshi Village events and festivals△▼△ 【Doshi Valley Mountain Vegetable Festival】 The "Doshi Valley Mountain Vegetable Festival" is held every spring at "Roadside Station Doshi" where you can enjoy wild vegetables of Doshi Village's specialty products. Tempura with wild vegetables and salt-grilled Rice cooked with wild vegetables sweetfish will be on sale, and a tempura-making experience will also be held Udon noodles. △▼△Activities you can enjoy in Doshi Village△▼△ In Doshi Village, you can enjoy various activities as well as camping. There are many spots such as "mountain stream fishing", "Fly fishing", "hiking", and "Minamoto Experience Hall" that will satisfy everyone from adults to children. △▼△Enjoy sightseeing in Doshi Village△▼△ Experience the beauty of nature, the tranquility of nature in Doshi Village! Doshi Village is the perfect spot to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and seek peace of mind. We look forward to seeing you in Doshi Village! We will continue to send out the latest information and recommended information about Doshi Village, so thank you.
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