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Dylan Gibson
May. 13, 2021
What a cool looking lizard, that blue tail is really something else. Kenroku-en is a garden that I really want to visit specifically because it has so much awesome natural scenery. Now that I think about it, I don't think I've actually seen any lizards or geckos in Japan... I haven't exactly been looking for them as much as I would have when I was a kid but I really should try to keep my eye out for some of the smaller creatures to be found in Japan. I've seen a serow really close before and thankfully haven't run into any bears while in Japan but I'd definitely like to see more wildlife as it's quite different than the wildlife where I'm from. On a side note I learned a new phrase in Japanese recently that has to do with lizards - トカゲの尻尾切り - apparently it means to evade blame by pinning it on a subordinate and abandoning them. Thought that was pretty funny lol
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May. 12, 2021
This photo was taken at Kenrokuen Garden.
When I was walking and looked down, there was a lizard, so I approached slowly and snapped.
The moment I was able to take this picture, I was glad I came to Ishikawa Prefecture!

When Corona subsides, I want to travel to various places again.
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