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Mar. 14, 2024
Thirteen years have passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake This photo was taken on April 3, 2018 It is a row of cherry blossom trees in the night forest of Tomioka Town, Fukushima Prefecture. The Great East Japan Earthquake made it difficult to return home. Decontamination work has progressed, and in this year, Part of the tree-lined area has been opened to the public. At that time, only the opening of short straight roads Surrounding shops and houses are barricaded It was an enclosed ghost town I think I stayed for more than an hour. It's not a time to attract tourism There are almost no people who look like tourists. I only saw a few groups of people who seemed to be locals. I revisited it in March 2021. Tomioka Town became an outpost for reconstruction It's a very lively town. The open area has been greatly expanded. The branches of the cherry blossoms are beautifully selected. It was also prepared to be lit up. Realizing that reconstruction is progressing I remember how happy I was. The Noto Peninsula, where there is no fear of radiation, Reconstruction should be faster Good luck Hokuriku, good luck Tohoku.
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