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Dylan Gibson
Feb. 12, 2021
I really enjoy seeing these posts showcasing Japanese matchlock guns. Not only do they look cool, they even look cool being fired. The smoke and the muzzle flash make it just completely awesome. I've fired modern day rifles and handguns and stuff like that but I've never gotten the chance to fire something like this. I'd love to try it just to see how it felt. Maybe it's a way to understand the past better as well. Gaining insight on what the samurai of the past would have used, how strong they are, how much kick they have, how they reload, etc. etc. Speaking of the reload and firing, it really looks interesting. I'm not too familiar with how it works but I assume it's muzzle loaded and then the string is used as a fuse? Either way I imagine it's something there are definitely hobbyists for!
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Oct. 20, 2020
The arquebus is filled with gunpowder in two places.
Gunpowder for firing balls.
A mouth powder that ignites firing gunpowder.

This photo shows the moment when the arquebus fire ignited the mouthpiece of the fire dish.
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