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Minamiizu Tourism Association
Apr. 25, 2024
Coast literally arcs in an arc shape, about 1.2 km long, shallow and calm waves. Couples and families can enjoy it with peace of mind. In addition, Cape Tarai, which protrudes to the east, has a great Observatory where you can overlook the magnificent Coast scenery, and one of the pride is that you can see the Coast line leading to Izu Nanashima Island to the south, Tsuzukizaki to the east, and Irouzaki to the west. ● 100 best bathing places in Japan ●100 Beaches in Japan (100 Forests, Waterfalls, and Beaches in Japan) ●Japanese 100 best white sand and green pine trees ●Izu Three Great Mihama (Yuigahama, Shirahama Ohama, Imaihama)
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  • Shizuoka Prefecture
  • Minamiizu
  • Sightseeing
  • Japan
  • Izu Peninsula/Izu Archipelago
  • Great view
  • Yumigahama Beach
  • Yumigahama Fireworks Festival
  • Local PR
  • Nature
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Taiki Tourism Association
Apr. 25, 2024
🎏 Announcement 🎏 of [Rekifune River Clear streams Koi Nobori] 2024 (Reiwa 6) degree Rekifune River Clear streams carp streamer is being held from 4/19! Displaying (installation) period: 4/19 (Friday) to 5/6 (Monday) The Rekifune River Clear streams Koi Streamer is an event that can be said to be a spring tradition in Taiki Town, where carp streamers swim along the entire width of the Rekifune River River from late April to early May every year. This year, the number of koi streamers has increased compared to every year, and carp streamers swim from the edge of the Rekifune River to the top of the riverbed. In addition, a mini event for children will be held on Sunday, May 5. There are many fun events such as fluffy domes, mazes, smart balls, balloon kite exhibitions, dance presentations by the Taiki Town Street Dance Circle, and molook experiences, as well as delicious gourmet food! Please come and visit us! Date & Time: 5/5 (Sun) 10:00~14:00 Location: Taikibashi Upstream Waterfront Plaza
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  • Taikicho, Hokkaido Prefecture
  • Carp Streamer
  • Golden Week (Japan)
  • children's day
  • Rekifune River
  • Spring
  • Hokkaido Prefecture
  • Hokkaido area
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