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Oct. 19, 2020
Once again, thank you ✨ for participating in the W campaign. Seeing the photos full of charm in everyone's Japan, all the staff had a ✨☺️ very moving month. We plan to continue holding photo contests in various genres that are similar to the "charm of Japan" in the future. When it is held, we will inform you on the site and official SNS account, so please 💡 check it out. Winners of the Twitter campaign will be sent ✉️ DMs from the official Twitter within about 10 days. In addition, the winners of the photo contest are scheduled to be announced in early November, so please 😌 wait for a while. In addition to sightseeing and travel information, "COOL JAPAN VIDEOS" introduces various information such as Japan news, traditional crafts, and craftsmanship through videos. There are many things that I don't actually know as I know until now, and it was ✨ my eyes that we staff also knew so much as adults. With the release in English-speaking countries in November, many foreigners are expected to participate. In order for overseas people to want to go to Japan again after corona, and so that overseas people who cannot go to Japan can know the Japan on this site, we hope that you will post photos that make you feel the charm of Japan other than the photo contest campaign, and we would like ☺️ to convey the charm of Japan to overseas people together with you. Thank you for your continued support of COOL JAPAN VIDEOS.
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