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Hideki Mizuno
Apr. 30, 2021
In Towada City, Aomori Prefecture, this is a Yabusame tournament held only by female jockeys around the time the cherry blossoms are in bloom. Female jockeys dressed in glossy kimono carry bows, ride on horses of Japan traditional lineage, and fly quickly through three targets while frying dust. Originally, Yabusame is an event performed only by men as a Shinto ritual, but in the modern era of the 21st century, the gender difference between men and women has been abolished, and the ancient martial arts and equestrian traditions Japan that have been handed down from ancient times have been adopted and passed on to the future, and the world fascinated by the glossy Japanese costume caress is worth visiting this land and seeing.
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Dylan Gibson
Mar. 4, 2021
I've always liked the aesthetics of archery but have never had the chance to try it. I've shot a normal compound bow before but a longbow like this is totally different. The only Japanese martial art I've gotten to try before was kendo, which was a lot of fun, but a bit too explosive for me maybe. I prefer quiet, focused martial arts instead. I'd really love to give Kyudo a try someday, and maybe pick it up as a hobby. "So much to do, so little time" is such a cliche but it feels so true. There's an endless amount of things I want to try but finding the time for everything can be difficult at times. I think it's best to just spur of the moment do things, which is maybe why I don't like making plans so much. I like enjoying things as they come. I still want to get a bonsai tree as well!
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Oct. 17, 2020 (edited)
After bowing, the bow is slowly dried for about one week.
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