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Apr. 5, 2023
Tanuki's cherry blossom viewing 🌸 I went to Shigaraki, Shiga Prefecture. Tanuki at Shigaraki Station on the railway! It looks like you are leisurely looking at the cherry blossoms under the magnificent cherry blossoms. Wow! And the face when I looked up is cute ♡. There is also a museum and many Shigaraki ware shops nearby. This local pottery, "Shigaraki ware", which has been blessed with high-quality soil since ancient times and has excelled at making large vessels, was ✨ impressive just by looking at it. Some are from the Kamakura period, Even the ones that make you feel the newness of modern craftsmen are a good stimulus. I liked ♡ the elegant black shiny vessel with gold mixed with glaze. Next time I go, I would like to book a potter's wheel experience and try something new.
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