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Nakagawa Village Tourism Association
Apr. 23, 2024
Nice to meet you all and welcome to COOL JAPAN VIDEOS! This is the Nakagawa Village Tourism Association. Nakagawa Village is a village in the southernmost part of Kamiina County in the southern part of Nagano Prefecture that has been recognized as the "most beautiful village in Japan". Although it is a small village with a population of about 4,600, it is surrounded by the lush greenery of Minami Shinshu, with clear air, clear water stream from the majestic mountains, and beautiful natural scenery. Best regards for COOL JAPAN VIDEOS, as we will deliver the charm of Nakagawa Village. ■Introducing popular sightseeing spots in Nakagawa Village Nakagawa Village has a number of popular tourist attractions. Here, we will introduce sightseeing spots recommended by the Nakagawa Village Tourism Association. ・Jinmagata Mountain Jinmagata Mountain, with an elevation of 1,445 meters, is a popular spot visited by more than 10,000 people a year. From the top of Jinmagata Mountain, you can see the mountains of the Northern, Central Alps and Southern Alps. ・Okusa Castle Ruins Park It is a popular cherry blossom viewing spot with more than 200 cherry blossoms of more than 10 types blooming in the spring season. The contrast between the remaining snow of the Central Alps and the pink cherry blossoms is beautiful, and it is also popular as a photo spot. ・ Ginkgo trees in Doba The rows of Ginkgo trees, which are managed by local volunteers, attract people visit glow golden in autumn. ・Kosibu Dam Kosibu Dam, built in the Kosibu Gorge, is a spot where you can enjoy the natural beauty of the four seasons. During the autumn foliage season, the trees all around change color. ・Sakado Bridge It is a reinforced concrete single-arch bridge with a total length of 77.9 meters built in Showa 7), and cherry blossoms and azaleas are planted on both banks, making it one of the famous places in spring. It has been designated as an important cultural property of Japan. ■A big event in Nakagawa Village! Nakagawa Don-chan Festival ・Nakagawa Don-chan Festival Nakagawa Don-chan Festival, a popular event in Nakagawa Village's summer, is a festivals that all participants can enjoy, including performances such as kids dancing on stage and Jin Drums, as well as bingo tournaments. Approximately 2,000 fireworks at the Finale of the festival will brightly color the night sky of Nakagawa Village. ■Specialty products of Nakagawa Village Specialty products such as fresh vegetables, apples, peaches, grapes, strawberries, honey, Ichida persimmons, and dried sweet potatoes grown in the blessed natural environment of Nakagawa Village are abundant. These Specialty products are painstakingly grown by the locals, and their taste makes many people's palates growl. Specialty products of Nakagawa Village are also prepared as thank-you gifts for Furusato Nozei tax payment. ■Nakagawa Village Enjoy sightseeing! Nakagawa Village is called a "sacred place for campsites", and there are many Popular campsites that are attractive. Fun a time to heal your daily fatigue in Nature. A quiet time spent in the beautiful scenery of Nakagawa Village will surely be one of your memories! We will send out such recommended Information of Nakagawa Village on COOL JAPAN VIDEOS!
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Shosenkyo Tourism Association
Feb. 29, 2024
Hello! This is the Shosenkyo Tourist Association. Shosenkyo Gorge in Yamanashi Prefecture, which has been designated as a special scenic spot in Japan, is said to be "The most beautiful valley in Japan" that has been nurtured by nature for a long time. It is no exaggeration to say that it is a work of art created by nature, and we will introduce the charm of "Shosenkyo Gorge" in the COOL JAPAN VIDEO. 【What is Mitake Shosenkyo Gorge?】 Mitake Shosenkyo Gorge is a Canyon in the northern part of Kofu City, Yamanashi Prefecture, and is a Canyon with a total length of about 5 kilometers surrounded by abundant nature. If you are coming by car, it is 40 minutes from Chuo Expressway and Kofu Showa IC. If you come by train, it takes about 30 to 45 minutes by bus or taxi from the south exit of JR Kofu Station. The beauty of nature, which has been created over a long period of time, continues to fascinate many people. Dotted with Strange Rock and Strange stone, this area shows the beauty of the four seasons, and is a tourist spot that you will want to visit again and again. In spring, you can enjoy the promenade surrounded by the scent of fresh greenery, in summer you can enjoy activities such as canoeing through the dam, and in autumn you can enjoy the Canyon dyed bright red with autumn leaves. 【History of Mitake Shosenkyo Gorge】 Mitake Shosenkyo Gorge was designated as a national scenic spot in 1923 and a special scenic spot in 1953. In addition, it is counted as one of the five great gorges in Japan, along with Teishaku Gorge (Hiroshima), Chomonkyo Gorge(Yamaguchi Prefecture), Goukei Gorge (Okayama Prefecture), and Nezame no toko (Nagano Prefecture). 【Highlights of Shosenkyo Gorge】 ・Kakuen Peak Kakuen Peak, the highest in the Shosenkyo Gorge mountain range, is the symbol of Shosenkyo Gorge. The name comes from the monk Kakuen, who practiced asceticism on a peak the size of several tatami mats in the past. ・Senga Waterfall It is a waterfall located at the foot of Kakuen Peak at the innermost part of the Arakawa River, which flows through the Shosenkyo Gorge. It is a powerful waterfall with a drop of 30 meters, and it is a popular spot because it can be accessed by car. ・Shosenkyo Gorge Promenade It is a promenade of about 4.5 kilometers where you can enjoy the beauty of the Canyon of the four seasons, which was also selected as the first place in the Selected as one of the 100 best sightseeing spots in Japan Canyon category. ・Ishimon The stone gate is a huge natural granite arch created by Mother Nature. It's on the promenade, so you can't get there by car. ・Nagatoro Bridge It is a historic bridge built in 1925 at the gateway to Shosenkyo Gorge. It has been selected as a modern civil engineering heritage site as the oldest surviving concrete arch road bridge. ・Tenkorin If you step on your feet in the Tenkorin forest along the promenade, you will hear a mysterious sound similar to the sound of pom-poms and drums. This is said to be the echoing sound of an underground cavity carved out by a mountain stream. ・ Numerous Strange Rocks and Strange Stones On the promenade, there are various Strange Rocks and Strange Rocks such as Fur Seal Rock, Daibutsu Rock, Kansan Jade Rock, Floating Rock, Cannon Rock, Tofu Rock, Monkey Rock, Camel Rock, Fuji Rock, Kuma Rock, Cat Stone, Matsutake Stone, etc. Please look for it on your feet. ・Arakawa Dam The majestic dam that spreads across the valley of the Oku-Syosenkyo is a multipurpose dam for the purpose of flood control in the coastal area of the Arakawa River. ・Shosenkyo Ropeway From the gondola of the ropeway, which takes about 5 minutes one way to the summit, you can see the Canyon below. From the top of the ropeway, you can overlook a spectacular panoramic view of Mt. Fuji and other areas. 【Shosenkyo Gorge Crystal】 Shosenkyo Gorge is also famous as a sacred place for crystals. There are a number of quartz mines on Mt. Kinpusan in Shosenkyo Gorge, and excavations were actively promoted during the Meiji era. Because of its excellent crystal grinding and processing technology, ores from all over the world gathered, and now there are many shops displaying and selling precious gems and ores. 【Shosenkyo Gorge Gourmet】 Popular gourmet dishes include Somen, Soba noodles, and Koshu Houtou made from the clear stream of Shosenkyo Gorge. In addition, there are many shops where you can enjoy local gourmet and local cuisine using plenty of local ingredients from Yamanashi Prefecture. Enjoy the superb view created by nature at one of the most popular tourist spots in Yamanashi Prefecture "Shosenkyo Gorge"! It is also a treasure trove of Power Spots, so why not try to raise your luck? In the future, COOL JAPAN VIDEOS will continue to show the charm of Shosenkyo Gorge and the beautiful scenery of the four seasons. Best regards!
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Sep. 23, 2023
Hello everyone! Autumn is approaching, and it's getting cooler and cooler. Speaking of autumn, the autumn of exercise! When you come to Ginoza Village, why don't you join the cycling tour "Castle in the Sky Kyari Dum Dam"? Your guide will guide you through the cityscape, history, and culture of Ginoza Village, where the nature-rich Kanna Dam and Okinawa-like original scenery are located. There are also plenty of photo spots such as Kanna Dam and Kanna Beach, which are inspired by Okinawan castles. ✨ ♪ Join us with 😊 your friends and family. For details, please see the Ginoza Village Tourism Association website.
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Oketo, Hokkaido
Aug. 31, 2023
Nice to meet you all! This is the Industrial Promotion Division of the Oketo Town Town Hall. We will tell everyone who watches the COOL JAPAN VIDEOS the charm of Hokkaido Oketo Town, so thank you! This is my first post, and I would like to introduce what kind of town Oketo Town is and deliver the charm of Oketo Town! Hokkaido Tokoro DistrictOketo Town is a peaceful town surrounded by beautiful nature located in the eastern part of Hokkaido with a population of 2,669 (as of January 31, 2023). There are plenty of opportunities to interact with warm people and you can feel the charm of the region. In addition, the climate and weather of Oketo Town is characterized by a large temperature difference between day and night, and little snow and rain. Access to the Oketo Town is convenient by combining airplane and car! It takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes by car from Memanbetsu Airport (Ozora Town) to Oketo Town, and driving while surrounded by nature is the real pleasure of a pleasant trip. By bus, take the Kitami Bus (Memanbetsu Airport Line) from Memanbetsu Airport (Ozora Town) and transfer to the Kitami Bus Terminal (Rikubetsu Line) at Kitami Bus Terminal (Kitami City) for a total of about 1 hour and 40 minutes Oketo Town. Next, we will introduce the sightseeing spots and ways to enjoy Oketo Town where you can enjoy different expressions throughout the year! ●Lake Oketo, Kanoko Dam (Kanoko Dam) "Oketo Lake" is an artificial lake created by damming the Shikanoko Dam. With a circumference of 13.4 km, there are many wild birds and wild grasses, and it is one of the attractions. You can also enjoy fishing in the lake! In summer, you can enjoy mountain trout and American trout, and in late December ~ mid-February, you can also enjoy "Japanese smelt fishing". (There is no rental of fishing gear, so please prepare your own fishing gear and tent.) ) ●Rainbow Falls Shikanokozawa, located downstream of the Shikanoko Dam, has a magnificent natural beauty. One of them, the 13-meter-high Rainbow Falls, is popular for its picturesque scenery! Trees and flowers are in full bloom around the waterfall, and it is a spot visited by many photographers. In winter, Rainbow Falls is lit up and icefall tours are held. ●Oke Craft Center "Forest Craft Museum" "Oke Craft" is a regional craft brand in Oketo Town. The activity began in 1983 by combining "oke" (bending tub), which was produced as a local industry, "oke" of Oketo Town, and "craft". 24 private workshops in Oketo Town produce tableware and other items that can be used in everyday life. Okecraft can also be purchased from the website. At the Forest Craft Museum, we exhibit and sell products made in the area, such as plant dyeing, as well as oke crafts! You can also tour the production scenery and facilities. "Okecraft" is also popular as a thank-you gift for Oketo Town Furusato Nozei! The texture of the wood, such as the couple's bowl made of Ezo spruce and the mouth-watering cutlery, is outstanding. Please check the Furusato Nozei sites. ●Oketo Katsuyama Onsen Yuyu "Oketo Katsuyama Onsen Yuyu" is a facility full of attractions such as accommodation, hot springs, gourmet food, and sightseeing. There are 4 cottages in total, and you can enjoy the camping feeling with free BBQ space. There is also a restaurant and a café corner in the building. Weekday lunch menu is also recommended. At the day-trip hot spring, you can enjoy the hot spring that flows directly from the source (Katsuyama Onsen). You can enjoy a large bathtub, sleeping bath, open-air bath, pottery bath, etc., and there is also a dry sauna room! In addition, there are plenty of sightseeing spots such as oke and lake around the facility. ●Minamigaoka Ski Resort It is also recommended to enjoy it at the ski resort in winter! "Minamigaoka Ski Resort" is a reasonably priced ski resort with a one-day ticket of 1040 yen for adults and 520 yen for children (junior high school students and younger). There is a wide range of courses from beginners to advanced, so you can fully enjoy skiing. Please feel the charm of nature and the warmth of the local area in the Oketo Town. This account will provide you with Oketo Town information. Thank you in advance!
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