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Dylan Gibson
Jan. 19, 2022
Forgot to include this in my post yesterday so I'm posting it today. When I was walking to Minami-Senju I stopped in for lunch at a place called "Hikari Ramen" (中華そば 光) and enjoyed a really interesting bowl of ramen... I got the special shoyu ramen (特製醬油らーめん) I believe it was, and I think it cost about ~1000 yen but it had some unique characteristics as you can probably tell by the photo. I'm pretty sure out of all the bowls of ramen I've eaten I've never had one with a pink egg. I was surprised at first but just thought it was kind of something funny that gave the ramen shop its own sort of identity. Also, while I have had meatballs in some of the ramen I've eaten before, it's quite rare in my experience (or maybe I'm just not ordering the right ramen lol) so I thought that was kind of interesting as well. The ramen tasted great though, the pink didn't add any extra unique flavor to the egg as far as I could tell but it was all really good. Interestingly enough, the seats downstairs were all taken and one of the people said that they had extra seating upstairs where I was shown into a sort of like storage room with no one else in it lol. It was an interesting experience but it was nice since I got to eat all by myself and I could even see out of the window a bit. All in all it was a good experience and I recommend it if you're in the area! It's really close to Minowabashi Station
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