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Dylan Gibson
Feb. 9, 2021
What a beautiful photo! I've seen a Japanese friendship garden in Portland I think it was but this one has a totally different atmosphere. It's really cool to see the different styles. I hadn't heard of West Lake before but I looked at some pictures of it and it looks like a beautiful place. I like how the architecture of the pavilions is very similar as well. I'm certainly a fan of all of the winter scenery I've gotten to see this year, but I feel like the cherry blossoms would certainly look amazing here. That or even the foliage in the autumn. I'd like to check this out when I get the chance. It looks like there are some interesting restaurants in the area as well so I can look forward to some tasty food!
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石原 良慶
Feb. 8, 2021
Gifu Park Japan-China Friendship Garden Snow Scenery ❄️

In 1989, Gifu City and Hangzhou City, People's Republic of China, created a garden to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the friendship city partnership, and a gate with a design full of Chinese atmosphere, earthen walls, gardens, and a pond made to imitate West Lake, a famous place in Hangzhou City.

This pond is a pond that can be enjoyed throughout the four seasons.
🌸 The cherry blossom season is famous, but the snowy scenery is also the best.
When you come to Gifu, please take a walk in Gifu Park. 😊
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