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Aug. 14, 2023
It is "Mantoukai" in Hagi City, Yamaguchi Prefecture. Every year, Daishoin Temple and Tokoji Temple, the bodhi temples of the Mōri family, the lord of the Hagi clan, are the stage. To mourn Mohri's bodhi, more than 500 stone lanterns are lit by candles, creating a fantastic world. The photo shows the "Welcome Fire" held at Daishoin Temple on August 13. In Ōsho-in, the first feudal lord of Hagi Domain, Mōri Hidenori, and his wife from 2~12 generations of even-numbered feudal lords are enshrined, and in the graveyard, which is a nationally designated historic site, more than 600 stone lanterns donated by feudal lords are lined up in an orderly manner, and at the "Mantoukai", about 600 stone lanterns in the graveyard and candles are lit on the approach road.
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