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May. 16, 2023
Itsukushima Shrine Five-storied Pagoda / Hiroshima Itsukushima Shrine Five-story Pagoda / Hiroshima A five-storied pagoda located a little deeper in Itsukushima Shrine, famous for its torii gate in the sea. Since it is located in a high place, you can see it from a distance, but when you see it up close, the power will take your breath away. The Senjokaku Pavilion next to it is also a highlight. The five-story pagoda is located in a slightly secluded part of Itsukushima Shrine, famous for its torii gateway in the sea. It can be viewed from a distance due to its elevated location, but when seen up close, the power of the pagoda will take your breath away. Next to the five-story pagoda is the Senjo-kaku, which is also a must-see.
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