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Sep. 5, 2023
Hiroshima Fukuyama Utsumi Ohashi Bridge (Recommended spots in Hiroshima) #Utsumi Ohashi Bridge 👈 @bingolife8 It is the last in this bonus of Utsumi Ohashi Bridge. One piece 📸 with a light trail Fix the camera on a tripod and start 📸 shooting without locking it so that the camera can swing left and right. Press and hold the shutter for 10 seconds of bulb shooting, count 10 seconds, shake the tripod bread stick to the right, and release the shutter to complete. Of course, you can shake it vertically after counting for 10 seconds, or you can 😊 turn the zoom ring to take interesting light traces. I wish I could 😂 rotate around the center of the camera. It was a 😊 Utsumi Ohashi Bridge that I enjoyed a lot of things.
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Mar. 23, 2023
★ The 16th COOL JAPAN VIDEOS Photo Contest is currently being ★ held under the theme of "Japanese sightseeing spots to visit in spring" We're looking forward to seeing everyone's wonderful submissions! This time, we will introduce the post of "Tatsuya Suenaga"! The rape blossoms that have become more vivid in the light of the sunrise are beautiful. Hiroshima "Tajiri Town Rape Flower Field" in Fukuyama City is a famous spot for rape blossoms where you can see a superb view of the sea and rape blossoms. You can enjoy about 300,000 rape blossoms. ◆Tajiri Town Rape Flower Field◆ 【Address】〒720-0203 Hiroshima Fukuyama City, Tajiri-cho Ko 4102 【Access】 From JR Fukuyama Station, take Prefectural Route 22 → up the slope near the sign of "Excel Tomonoura" 【Parking lot】Available
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Mar. 22, 2023 (edited)
Tajiri, Fukuyama, Hiroshima

(Recommended spots in Hiroshima)
#Tajiri Rape Flower Field

It was 😊 a good view with the sunrise from 📸 the rape flower field in Tajiri Town The red sky and rape blossoms were in full bloom.
The gate was still closed at this time, so I took 📸 a picture from outside the fence.
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