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Justin Schultz
28 days ago
Went to Takadanobaba over the weekend and decided to go to this ramen restaurant called "Ore no Sora" (俺の空). There was a bit of a wait to get into the restaurant but after about 10-15 mins we finally got in and were able to order. They seemed to be taken measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus and had spaces open between seats and only half the seats were filled. I don't remember the name of the ramen that I ordered but they all seemed to be quite similar. Usually I would order a spicy ramen, but this one you had to ask for the spicy paste separately (it's free) so I just decided to try it without it. The restaurant offers free large servings and so I did that as I was quite hungry. The noodles were thinner than those of most ramen restaurants I go to, and I prefer thinner noodles so it was nice. The bowl itself was really full of noodles. It didn't look like it was that much food at first, but it turned out to be a lot. We ordered a small rice dish covered with pork (no photo) to share and while we did finish eating it, we were incredibly full afterwards. Personally it's not the flavor of ramen I would normally choose as it was almost like a fish and tonkotsu base, but even still it was quite good. I think if you like fish base ramen you'd really like this ramen. Even though it's not the flavor I really like, I would still definitely recommend this restaurant as the food itself was of good quality. Definitely check it out if you're by Takadanobaba Station or just looking for some noodles
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