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Kawasaki City Tourism Association
Jan. 28, 2024
NICE TO MEET EVERYONE WHO WATCHES COOL JAPAN VIDEOS! This is the Kawasaki City Tourism Association. We will guide you through the charm of the city that will make you want to visit Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture. Best regards! ◆◆◆ What is Kawasaki City ◆◆◆ Kawasaki City is located in the northeastern part of Kanagawa Prefecture, between Tokyo and Yokohama, and is a vibrant city with a population of about 1.54 million (as of April 2023 (Reiwa 5)). Since it is adjacent to Tokyo, it has flourished as a transportation hub since ancient times. It has both the aspect of an industrial zone and the aspect of a city where nature and culture coexist. Kawasaki City has a long history, and in the Edo period, it flourished as one of the 53 Tokaido roads. In addition, Kawasaki Daishi (Heiken-ji Temple) has been crowded with worshippers since ancient times, and about 3 million people visit Kawasaki Daishi for the first time alone, and the number of first-time worshippers in 2023 is the third highest in Japan after Meiji Jingu Shrine and Naritasan Shinshoji Temple. Currently, the King Sky Front, which creates new industries based on world-class research, with a focus on the life sciences and environmental fields, is located right in front of Haneda Airport, making it a hub for open innovation. ◆◆◆ Introduction of sightseeing spots in Kawasaki City ◆◆◆ Here are some of the most popular tourist spots in Kawasaki City, albeit briefly. ◇ Tokaido Kawasaki Hostel Exchange Center You can learn about the history of the area at a facility that conveys the atmosphere that flourished as a post town "Kawasaki-juku" on the 53rd line of the Tokaido Highway. ◇Kawasaki Ukiyo-e Gallery It is a museum that exhibits valuable ukiyo-e prints that are highly regarded both in Japan and abroad, directly connected to the north exit of JR Kawasaki Station. ◇ Ikuta Ryokuchi It is the largest urban park in Kawasaki City and is popular as an urban oasis. Admission is free, and many cherry blossom viewers visit as a famous place for cherry blossoms in the spring season. ◇Kawasaki City Fujiko F. Fujio Museum It is a facility where you can experience the world of the works of the national manga artist "Fujiko F. Fujio-sensei" who created "Doraemon". In addition to Japanese, voice guidance is available in four languages: English, Chinese, and Korean, so foreign tourists visiting Japan can enjoy it with confidence. ◇Kawasui Kawasaki Aquarium It is a new sensation entertainment aquarium that opened in front of Kawasaki Station in July 2020. Inside the museum, the beautiful watersides of the world are reproduced, and various creatures are exhibited. ◇ Todoroki Ryokuchi It is a park located almost in the center of Kawasaki City, and it is an urban park with facilities such as Todoroki track and field stadium, the home of Kawasaki Frontale of the J1 soccer team, and tennis courts. ◆◆◆ Kawasaki City Factory Night View ◆◆◆ The night view of the factories on the "Metropolitan Expressway Kanagawa No. 6 Kawasaki Line", "Ogibashi", and "around the Shiohama Canal" in Kawasaki City, which has developed as an industrial zone, creates a fantastic contrast of light and shadow, creating a otherworldly scenery. The factory night view cruise, where you can see the night view of the factory area such as the Keihin Industrial Area from the boat, is also popular, and you can enjoy the scenery that can only be experienced here. ◆◆◆ Events and festivals in Kawasaki City ◆◆◆ ◇Kawasaki Daishi Wind Chime City It is a festival that represents Kawasaki City, which is held every year in July, and is popular as a summer tradition. The cool sound of about 30,000 wind chimes of 900 types gathered from all over the country heals visitors. ◇Kawasaki Sanno Festival It is the largest festivals in the Kawasaki area, held every August at Inage Shrine, and the highlight is the Great Mikoshi Shrine. In addition, the "Ancient Miyaza Ceremony," a ceremony in which dishes using ancient cooking methods are offered to the gods, is designated as a Kanagawa Prefectural Folk Cultural Property. Kawasaki City is a fascinating city full of unique landscapes where history, rich nature, and advanced industrial areas coexist. Please visit this wonderful city and experience it all. The area around Kawasaki Station is constantly being reborn as a new city in a new history, but when you step into the alley, you will see a row of bars full of Showa retro. We also recommend a trip to find your favorite store in Kawasaki City! We will continue to deliver tourist information about Kawasaki City to everyone, so thank you.
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