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開智国際日本語学校(Kaichi International School of Japanese)
7 days ago
[English/日本語] I would like to introduce "Nekoyaki" at a Japanese confectionery store called "Nekoma" located in "Soto Terrace," a spot that promotes traditional culture in Hachioji, which I wrote about in a previous article. This wagashi is very delicious with lots of sweet bean paste stuck inside. The face of the cat in this "Nekoyaki" is said to be modeled after a beckoning cat (cat figurine) that survived the Hachioji air raid. The beckoning cat is displayed in a store near this "Soto Terrace. There are several places and things related to the war in Hachioji. At our Japanese language school, we sometimes talk about the Hachioji Air Raid in class. Why don't you come and learn Japanese in a city with a rich history? この前の記事に書いた八王子の伝統文化を発信するスポット「桑都テラス」の中にある、「猫間」という和菓子のお店で「ねこやき」を紹介します。この和菓子は、中にあんこがたくさんつまっていてとてもおいしいです。この「ねこやき」の猫の顔は八王子空襲のときに焼け残った招き猫(猫の置物)がモデルになっているそうです。招き猫はこの「桑都テラス」の近くにあるお店に飾ってあります。八王子には戦争に関係する場所やものがいくつかあります。私たちの日本語学校でも授業で八王子大空襲について取り上げることがあります。みなさんも歴史のある街で日本語を学んでみませんか。
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