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Ogimi Marugoto Tourism Association
Jun. 17, 2023
Hello COOL JAPAN VIDEOS viewers! It is the Ogimi Marugoto Tourism Association! We propose a tour program that allows you to enjoy the nature and charm of Ogimi Village! In the COOL JAPAN VIDEOS, we will introduce the tour program of Ogimi Village sightseeing along with the attractive sightseeing spots and traditional culture of Ogimi Village! First of all, I would like to introduce Ogimi Village. Ogimi Village is a village famous for its longevity located in the northern part of the main island of Okinawa, about 2 hours by highway from Naha Airport. It is the gateway to the Yanbaru area, registered as a World Natural Heritage Site, and has a population of about 3,200. This "Yanbaru" area consists of three villages, Ogimi Village, Kunigami Village, and Higashi Village, and there are animals and plants that are highly regarded worldwide. Then, we will introduce popular sightseeing spots and events in Ogimi Village. ・Lower community of Ogimi Ontake It is a sacred spot where about 70 large billow trees, which were designated as a prefectural natural monument in 1974, grow in clusters. It is a treasure trove of nature where you can fully enjoy the original scenery of Ogimi Village, and you may be able to see the spirit "Bunagaya" that lives in the forests of Okinawa. ・Ogimi Shikusa Park If you turn on the wooden faucet at the entrance of the Seekwasa specialized facility, you can taste the Seekwasa juice. You can tour the Seekwasa factory, and at the restaurant, you can taste cheese pizza and island vegetable salad with the aroma of Seekwasa. ・Ogimi Village Summer Festival Held every year in August, the village's largest festival hosts stage events such as tuna dismantling shows, Eisa performances, and Hawaiian dances, and the finale of the festival is a fireworks festival that colors the summer night sky of Ogimi Village. As you can see, there are many attractive sightseeing spots in Ogimi Village, but you can enjoy a special time in Ogimi Village where you can learn about the warmth of people, climate, and history through activities where you can experience nature and interact with the people living in Ogimi Village, rather than just ordinary sightseeing around sightseeing spots. We, the Ogimi Marugoto Tourism Association, recommend experiential and stay-type exchange programs. ・Experience programs that take advantage of the rich natural environment ・Private lodging program that coexists with rich nature ・Exchange programs to experience diverse cultures Based on the above three programs, junior high and high school students experience the culture of Ogimi Village through "agricultural experience," "farm life experience," "nature experience," and "cultural experience" on school trips. Private lodging and farming experiences can be enjoyed by ordinary travelers and inbound tourists alike. There are plenty of optional plans such as marine sports in Churaumi and Okinawan traditional performing arts Eisa experience, so please feel free to contact us. Beautiful scenery, rich nature, history from the Ryukyu Kingdom, traditional culture, and heartfelt hospitality. The village that contains all of these is Ogimi Village in Okinawa Prefecture. We will continue to introduce plenty of attractive information about Ogimi Village sightseeing in the COOL JAPAN VIDEOS, so thank you!
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Yomitan Tourism Association
Jun. 7, 2023
Introducing popular sightseeing spots in Yomitan Village! This time, "Cape Zanpa Lighthouse" It is a cape that juts out into the East China Sea, and is a scenic spot with a cliff of uplifted coral reefs 30 to 40 meters high that stretches for 2 km. Japan one of only 16 "climbable lighthouses" in Japan, and it is the only lighthouse on the main island of Okinawa that can be climbed. The view from the top of the lighthouse is truly superb! In 2019, it was certified as a lighthouse worthy of a sacred place of romance as a "lighthouse in love project". This year 2023, it will be personified by the "Guardian of the Lights Project" and is transmitting new charms.
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Jun. 5, 2023
There is a snake called Habu on Okinawa Island. It has protein poison, has been terrifying people since ancient times, and is there as a guardian god of the forest. The unit symbol of the U.S. Forces Okinawa's Jungle Combat Training Center (JWTC) is the world's only hub motif. In recent years, there have been fears that alien species will lose their habitat. In fact, Habub is very shy when it comes to shooting. I had a hard time doing this shoot. In other words, it takes a certain amount of ingenuity to make such a cool pose. After fending off his natural enemies, the owl and wild boar, and watching him disappear safely into the depths of the mountain, the area was enveloped in silence.
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Motobu Tourism Association
Jun. 5, 2023
Nice to meet you all! It is a city where the magnificent nature of the southern country and the heartwarming culture live on "Motobucho, Okinawa Prefecture". We will send out information about this town where the rich sea, impressive superb scenery, delicious gourmet food, and the warmth of the people are harmonious! Motobu Town in Okinawa Prefecture is located in the northern part of the main island of Okinawa and is blessed with a warm climate throughout the four seasons. Even in winter, the average temperature is around 18 degrees Celsius, making it a comfortable area to live in throughout the year. Motobu Town in Okinawa Prefecture has many popular sightseeing spots. First of all, I would like to introduce Okinawa's most popular tourist attraction "Churaumi Aquarium". About 740 species of sea creatures are bred here. In the huge tank where you can look up, you can enjoy a magnificent sight of various kinds of fish swimming in the full field of vision, such as dazzling coral reefs, colorful tropical fish, and whale sharks over 8 meters long. This "Churaumi Aquarium" is a facility located in the National Okinawa Memorial Park Ocean Expo Park, and there are also "Tropical Dream Center", "Tropical and Subtropical City Greening Botanical Garden", "Okinawa Folk Village / Omoro Botanical Garden", "Marine Culture Museum / Planetarium", "Sunset Square", etc., where you can see Okinawa's nature and valuable flora and fauna. In addition, the fireworks festival of the "Ocean Expo Park Summer Festival" held in the park every July is the largest in Okinawa Prefecture. When you come to Motobu Town in Okinawa Prefecture, please enjoy the pure white sand and beautiful beaches. "Sesoko Island" is an island with a circumference of about 8 kilometers and is connected to the main island of Okinawa by the Sesoko Bridge with a total length of 762 meters. The view from the bridge is truly superb! The beauty spreads so much that it captivates the heart. At Sesoko Beach on the island, the pure white sand and emerald green sea promise a pleasant day. On Minna Island, a remote island 15 minutes by boat from the main island of Okinawa, you can enjoy swimming and abundant marine activities in the crystal clear sea. A recommended spot for a trip to enjoy Okinawa's nature is the "Fukugi Avenue of Bise". The fukugi trees planted to protect the house from the sea breeze give the illusion of wandering into another world. This fantastic scenery has been featured in many media and magazines. At "Yamazato Cone Karst", you can see conical hills and rocky mountains created by nature, the only one in Japan. Feel the magnificent scenery and air of a work of art. Yaedake, which I will introduce next, is the second highest mountain on the main island of Okinawa and is also known as the spot where cherry blossoms bloom the earliest in Japan. The cherry blossoms begin to bloom in late January, and the cherry blossom festival is also held! Please also enjoy the popular "food" in Motobu Town sightseeing. Motobu Town has a wide variety of delicious gourmet food, and it is a famous area as a Okinawa Soba town. There are more than 70 Okinawa Soba shops in the town that use bonito-based soup stock. More than 20 Okinawa Soba shops are lined up on the Izumi Kaido on Prefectural Route 84, and it is known as the "Soba Kaido" that attracts not only locals but also many tourists. Access to Motobu Town in Okinawa Prefecture is about 2 hours by rental car or bus from Okinawa Naha Airport. Motobu Town has a wide range of accommodation facilities, from resort hotels to guest houses, so you can choose according to your travel style. Since this is my first post, I briefly introduced the charms of Motobu Town in Okinawa Prefecture, but from now on, I will introduce a lot of recommended information about Motobu Town in COOL JAPAN VIDEOS. Please look forward to information on Motobu Town in Okinawa Prefecture, where beautiful nature and heartwarming culture are alive!
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Miyako Island Tourism Association
May. 25, 2023
So that you can choose Miyakojima as a travel destination that will be a memory of your lifetime, we will deliver the charm of Miyakojima through Cool Japan Video! First of all, this is my first post, so I will introduce Miyako Island and popular tourist spots. Miyakojima, located in Okinawa Prefecture, is one of the Miyako archipelago (Miyakojima, Ikemajima, Ōmijima, Irabu Island, Shimojijima, Kurimajima, Tarama Island, and Minna Island) of eight large and small islands located 300 kilometers southwest of the main island of Okinawa, and is a remote island with a population of about 55,000. After all, the biggest attraction of Miyako Island is the beautiful sea. The crystal clear emerald green waters are ideal for diving and snorkeling, and are visited by many people from all over the world. Miyakojima has a hot and humid subtropical maritime climate, so the average temperature is around 15°C even in winter, which is warm throughout the year. There are many popular tourist spots on Miyakojima, but the top ones in the ranking are Yonaha Maehama Beach, Painagama Beach, Sunayama Beach, Irabu Bridge, Ikema Bridge, Kurima Bridge, Snow Salt Museum, and Miyakojima Marine Park. Yonaha Maehama Beach is said to be the most beautiful beach in the East with its highly transparent sea and 7 kilometers of pure white sandy beach. There are many tours of marine sports and marine activities such as snorkeling and diving, and you can see tropical fish up close. "Painagama Beach" is known as a hidden spot loved by locals, and it is the perfect place to spend a relaxing time. In addition, "Sunayama Beach" allows you to enjoy the pure white sand dunes and the beautiful cobalt blue sea. To enjoy the clear and beautiful sea, we recommend not only the beach, but also the drive of the bridge that connects Miyako Island to neighboring islands. The Irabu Bridge is the best spot to enjoy driving on the 3,540-meter-long bridge that opened in 2015 connecting Miyakojima and Irabu Island. It is the longest Japan bridge that can be crossed for free. In addition, the "Ikema Bridge" connecting Miyakojima and Ikema Island, surrounded by the "Ikema Blue" sea characterized by a deep blue gradation, and the "Kurima Bridge" connecting Miyakojima and Kurima Island can enjoy different superb views, so we recommend renting a car and enjoying the magnificent scenery. Miyakojima is also the birthplace of the fluffy powdered salt "snow salt", and at the popular tourist spot "Snow Salt Museum", you can learn about Miyakojima's traditional salt making techniques and have hands-on exhibits. In addition, "Miyakojima Marine Park" is a facility with a 4-meter sea floor where you can observe various fish from the window. While seeing fish and beautiful coral that can only be seen here, please experience the beauty of the sea of Miyako Island! As a memory of your trip to Miyako Island, please enjoy the special products recommended as souvenirs. The fruits of Miyakojima are especially popular, and the three "mangoes", "pineapples", and "passion fruits" are especially recommended. These fruits are grown in the rich nature and blessed climate of Miyako Island, and their taste is exquisite. In addition to the sightseeing spots and specialties introduced this time, Miyako Island is still full of charm. We will continue to send out information about such attractive Miyako Island in the future, so thank you! Please make special memories just for you here on Miyako Island.
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Yomitan Tourism Association
May. 2, 2023
Located in central Okinawa, Yomitan Village is known as the most populous village in the Japan and offers wonderful tourist destinations and history. Yomitan Village is packed with many attractions, such as the beach with a superb view and the ruins of Zakimi Castle, which is registered as a World Heritage Site. This is my first post, so in order to get to know Yomitan Village, I will introduce Yomitan Village, such as sightseeing spots, hotel information, weather, and history. 【Introduction of popular sightseeing spots in Yomitan Village】 ・World Heritage Zakimi Castle Ruins and Yuntanza Museum In Yomitan Village, Okinawa Prefecture, there is the ruins of Zakimi Castle, which is registered as a World Heritage Site! This was used as a fortress of the Ryukyu Kingdom from the 15th to the 17th century, and is now selected as one of Japan 100 best castles, and is a tourist destination where you can enjoy magnificent scenery and history. In addition, at Yuntanza Museum near the ruins of Zakimi Castle, you can learn about the history, culture, nature, and arts and crafts of Yomitan Village! The museum has many historical relics and exhibits. ・Toguchi Beach (Toguchi Beach) Toguchi Beach in Yomitan Village, Okinawa Prefecture, is a beautiful local beach featuring white sand and crystal clear seawater! The waves are calm and the water depth is shallow, so it is also recommended for families. You can also enjoy snorkeling and diving. There are also cafes and restaurants along the beach, so you can spend the whole day relaxing! ・Cape Zanpa Cape Zanpa, located at the westernmost tip of the main island of Okinawa in Yomitan Village, is known as a spot where you can see beautiful sunsets. Cape Zanpa has the Cape Zanpa Lighthouse, which is also famous as a lighthouse that can be climbed, and the view from the lighthouse is a superb view point where you can overlook the west coast of the main island of Okinawa! There is also a walking path, where you can take a walk while enjoying the nature and sea view. ・Yachimun no Sato Yachimun-no-sato is an area where traditional Okinawan pottery (pottery) "Yachimun" gathers. While strolling, you can discover unique pottery and vessels, and create your own work in the hands-on class. It is also a spot where you can feel the history and culture of Yomitan Village! 【Introducing the history of Yomitan Village】 Yomitan Village is an area that flourished during the Ryukyu Kingdom period since ancient times. You can feel the history of the Ryukyu Kingdom such as the ruins of Zakimi Castle. In addition, after the war, a U.S. military base was established, and many people related to the base came to live there. Therefore, in Yomitan Village, you can enjoy a unique atmosphere that fuses traditional Okinawan culture and American culture! 【Annual weather in Yomitan Village】 Okinawa Prefecture is characterized by a warm climate throughout the year! Yomitan Village is no exception, and even in winter, the average temperature exceeds 15°C, making it easy to spend. From June to September, it is easily affected by typhoons and it rains a lot. When planning your sightseeing, pay attention to the weather. 【Introduction of hotels in Yomitan Village】 Yomitan Village has a wide range of accommodation facilities, from luxury resort hotels to business hotels and guest houses. Located on the beachfront, this resort hotel offers a full range of facilities including a private beach, pool and spa. On the other hand, at guesthouses and guest houses, you can experience Okinawan life while interacting with local people! Yomitan Village has many popular sightseeing spots such as beautiful beaches and the World Heritage Zakimi Castle Ruins, so you can enjoy a satisfying trip. Not only can you experience the history and culture, but you can also spend a relaxing time at the resort. Please plan your trip to Yomitan Village and experience its charm. In Yomitan Village, there are also many local restaurants and restaurants where you can enjoy Okinawan cuisine. Soki soba noodles, Okinawa soba noodles, red potato tarts, etc., you can enjoy sightseeing while enjoying local flavors. If you like alcohol, please enjoy awamori. The Higa Brewery in Yomitan Village makes the popular awamori "Zanpa", and you can also visit the old sake brewery. In addition, Yomitan Village is easily accessible by car from Naha City, about 1 hour by car. It is easy to access from Naha Airport and is also recommended as a base for traveling to Okinawa. We hope you have a wonderful time in Yomitan Village.
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