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Atami Tourism Association
17 days ago
JR East's Atami Station, which opened in 1925 (Taisho 14), celebrated its 99th anniversary yesterday, Monday, March 25. On the previous day, 3/24 (Sunday), the E655 series "Nagomi (Japanese)", a high-grade vehicle (all seats green car specification) that does not normally operate, went back and forth between Shinagawa Station ~ Atami Station, and 105 people Boarding and came to Atami. Boarding tickets are sold out within 5 minutes of the start of sales! Many railway fans gathered to take pictures of the special train arriving at the platform. Implementation ceremony was held on the platform of Atami Station, and everyone was welcomed, including a performance by the Atami High School Eisa Club, as well as the official character "Mamekko" of the Atami Geikokiya Union and the official character of the Atami Onsen Hotel Ryokan Cooperative "Atsuo".
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