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Nishiokoppe, Hokkaido
10 days ago
[The story of a family that raises cattle, slaughters them, and makes them into meat] A special screening theater was set up in the audio-visual room of the community center. A screening was held on Saturday, April 6th. Live cattle and beef that people eat. What is the process in between? I feel like it's getting harder to see. To cherish life and cherish life. To that end, a family that runs a "certain butcher shop" I inherited the technology and faced life and meat. The connection between the butcher shop and the community. The sound of leather-clad drums roars throughout the town. It was 106 minutes packed with various themes. A total of about 60 people attended the three screenings. Thank you very much. #Nishiokoppe Village #Community Center #Audio-visual room #Screening #A butcher's shop #Yashiho Film Company #Scattered children's handwriting #Free viewing #Thanks for the acoustics #Playing with building blocks behind the screening
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