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Nagiso Tourism Association
1 days ago
Hello to all COOL JAPAN VIDEOS viewers! This is the Nagiso Tourism Association. Nagiso Town, Kiso-gun, Nagano Prefecture is a town of about 3,600 people in the southwestern part of Nagano Prefecture. 94% of the town is forested, of which about 70% is national forest. It is formed in seven regions: Yogawa, Northern part (Kakizore), Midono, Tsumago, Araragi, Hirose, and Tadachi. In the COOL JAPAN VIDEOS, we will introduce plenty of the charms of Nagiso Town, so please enjoy it! ◆History of Nagiso Town, Nagano Prefecture◆ Nagiso Town flourished during the Edo period as a Shukuba-machi on the Nakasendo Highway connecting Kyoto and Edo. In "Tsumago juku" and "Midono juku", where travelers interacted and culture blossomed, the Old streets of that time still remain. ◆Introduction of sightseeing spots in Nagiso Town, Nagano Prefecture◆ 【Tenpaku azalea colony】 Located in Tenpaku Park, it is a large communities of Mitsuba azaleas designated as a natural monument of the town. Best time to visit in Spring, 400 azalea plants dye the garden beautiful pink and white. Since it is located on a hill in the park, you can overlook Kiso Komagatake and other places. 【Tsumago Yado Preservation District】 Maintenance as the 42nd Shukuba from Edo on the Nakasendo Road, it still retains strong faces of the Edo period. In 1976, it was designated as a National Important Preservation District for Groups of Traditional Buildings. At Wakihonjin Okuya, you can also experience the life of the past by the sunken hearth. Walking through the Old streets allows you to feel the romance of a timeless journey. 【Kakizore Canyon (Oyster each keikoku)】 It is said to be one of the most beautiful Valleys in Kisoji. Azaleas and rhododendrons in Spring and autumn leaves can be enjoyed throughout the year. Use the nature trails and promenades along the Valleys to see the granite hollowed-out Ushigataki Waterfall and Kirigataki Waterfall. 【Tadachi Waterfall】 The "Uru Falls", "Rasen Falls", "Senshin Falls", "Kirigataki Waterfall", "Tenga Falls", "Fudo Falls", and "Somen Waterfall" that span the canyon of the Otaki River are collectively called Tadachi Waterfall. In 1990, it was recognized as a 100 best waterfalls in Japan and in 2020 it was designated as a Central Alps National Park. 【Yogawa Michi】 The Yogawa Michi was built as a detour when the Nakasendo Road became impassable due to the flooding of the Kiso River. The moss-covered forest road with stones and bamboo bushes beside the highway is a great Hiking Course. 【Momosuke Bridge】 Completed in 1922, more than 100 years ago, it is the largest wooden bridge in Japan with a total length of 247 meters. It was designated as a National Important Cultural Property in 1994 【Mt. Nagiso】 Mt. Nagiso, with an elevation of 1,677 meters, was a mountain of Mountain asceticism in ancient times. The mountain trail offers steep slopes, gentle slopes, and chain grounds. It is popular as a mountain where you can easily climb on a day trip. ◆Specialty products of Nagiso Town, Nagano Prefecture◆ Surrounded by forests, Nagiso Town has long been home to wooden crafts. The traditional technique of carving wooden boards and logs with a potter's wheel while rotating them with a Nagiso wheel is carefully made one by one by craftsmen. It fascinates many people with its delicate beauty made with craftsmanship that has been passed down from generation to generation. ◆Festivals and events in Nagiso Town, Nagano Prefecture◆ 【Tadachi Hanauma Festival】 At the festivals held every year in October to give thanks for the bountiful harvest of five grains, three Kiso horses decorated with saddles slowly parade through the town. In 1993, it was designated as an Intangible folk cultural asset of Nagano Prefecture ◆Tourist Information of Nagiso Town, Nagano Prefecture◆ Nagiso Town in Nagano Prefecture is an attractive area with its magnificent natural scenery and rich history. Please spend a memorable time in the beautiful nature and history of Nagiso Town. Best regards for COOL JAPAN VIDEOS, we will send out Recommendations and Latest Information on Nagiso Town.
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Ito, Shizuoka
Apr. 12, 2024
[A bright red azalea begins to bloom! ] Komuroyama Park Azalea Viewing Party 🌺✨] From Saturday, April 13th to Tuesday, April 30th, a "Azalea Appreciation Party" will be held at Komuroyama Park Azalea Garden! In the azalea garden, where 100,000 azaleas of 40 varieties are in bloom, the landscape looks like a bright red carpet! This year, the beginning of blooming is a little late, but when it is in full bloom, it is a masterpiece, so please stop by when you visit Izu and Ito. There is also 😊✨♨ a bus from the station to Komuroyama At the summit of Mt. Komuro, there is "Komuroyama Ridge Walk "MISORA", and there is also a stylish "Cafe 321". If the weather is good, you can see Sagami Nada, the Izu Islands, Mt. Fuji, etc.! On the way to the summit, there is a large dinosaur monument called Dinosaur Square, a popular spot for children with Athletics, making it a ♪ place for families to enjoy * Implementation of traffic restrictions on some roads in the park so that customers can enjoy the azaleas with peace of mind, and the Komuroyama Ground will be opened as a temporary parking lot. * Please note that when the temporary parking lot is released, the parking lot will be charged (500 yen per car).
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Tohnosho Tourism Association
Feb. 19, 2024
This is the Tonosho Tourism Association! Nice to meet you all! Chiba Prefecture Katori-gun Tonosho Town is a town with a population of about 13,000 located in the northeastern part of Chiba Prefecture. COOL JAPAN VIDEOS will provide recommended information on Tonosho Town, Chiba Prefecture, so thank you. 【What is Tonosho Town, Chiba Prefecture?】 】 The Tone River, a first-class river, flows in the northern part of the town, and Tonosho Town is rich in nature. Blessed with water and greenery, known as the "City of Water and Greenery", the town offers peace of mind to those who visit. It is about 2 hours by car from Tokyo and 1 hour from Narita Airport. 【History of Tonosho Town, Chiba Prefecture】 Tonosho Town in Chiba Prefecture has a history of being created in 1955 by the merger of Sasagawa Town, Jindai Village, Tachibana Village, and Tonosho Village. Blessed with abundant water sources, Tonosho Town has been active in rice cultivation since ancient times, and in the Edo period, rice cultivation and soy sauce brewing flourished. 【Introduction of sightseeing spots in Tonosho Town, Chiba Prefecture】 Since this is my First Post, I would like to briefly introduce some recommended sightseeing spots in Tonosho Town. ・Hatcho Weir (commonly known as Natsume Weir) Hatcho Weir is an agricultural reservoir that utilizes the abundant water of the Tone River. During the winter season, thousands of mallards, Little Ducks and Swans fly in. You can enjoy bird watching at the waterfowl observation house set up in the adjacent Prefectural Forest. ・Suwa Daijin It is said that Shigezo Sasagawa, a historical figure from Tonosho Town, held a votive sumo tournament here. There is also a monument to the god of sumo wrestling and a Dohyo (sumo ring) in the precincts, and in the summer it is held as a sumo festival in Sasakawa, and it is used at the summer lodging of the Dewakai stable. ・Todaisha(Todai Shrine) It is an ancient shrine with a long history that was founded more than 1,800 years ago, and The ceremonial grand shrine festival held every 20 years is the largest festival in this area. ・Tenpo Suikoden Relics Museum: There are many cultural properties on display related to the story "Tenpo Suikoden", which depicts the power struggle between Shigezo Sasagawa and Iioka Sukegoro in the Edo period. 【Festivals and events in Tonosho Town, Chiba Prefecture】 ・Tonosho Fureai Festival The Tonosho Fureai Festival is an event held every year on November 3 (Culture Day) at the Tonosho Town Hall. There are a number of food stalls lined up in the venue, and various events such as shows and raffles are held on the stage. ・Cape Unimisaki Azalea Festival From late April to mid-May, more than 2,000 azaleas bloom in Cape Kumoigasatsuki Azalea Park, including Oomurasaki, Mountain Azalea, and Ryukyu. Along with the Spring, the azalea flowers that spread all over the place attract people who visit. 【Specialty products and gourmet food of Tonosho Town, Chiba Prefecture】 Tonosho Town is known for its fresh and delicious specialty products such as strawberries, kokabu, and pork, which are produced by the rich land. Sweet and juicy strawberries, the rare variety "Iberry" is grown in many strawberry fields in the town. In addition, SPF pigs raised in Tonosho Town are characterized by their sweet fat and tender meat. It is a popular item as a thank-you gift for Furusato Nozei tax payment in Tonosho Town, Chiba Prefecture. 【Charm of Tonosho Town, Chiba Prefecture】 In the "City of water and greenery" Tonosho Town, you will be greeted by visit beautiful scenery of moss phlox and azaleas. In spring, a carpet of bright pink, white, and purple moss phlox spreads at the Tonosho Fureai Center in Tonosho Town. Tonosho Town in Chiba Prefecture is full of attractions such as rich nature, deep history, and delicious food. Why don't you find something new in Tonosho Town? In the future, COOL JAPAN VIDEOS will send out recommended information on Tonosho Town, so please follow us.
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Atami Tourism Association
Feb. 16, 2024
Himenosawa Park Himenosawa Park, a famous flower spot in Atami, is full of seasonal flowers! It is a natural park where you can enjoy full-fledged athletics. There are about 600 species of plants that can be found in the park. In an environment like a botanical garden, a variety of flowers are in bloom, from flowering trees such as azaleas to wildflowers. (The photo shows the azalea flowering in late April ~ early May) It takes about one and a half hours from Himenosawa Park, and you can also trek to Jukoku Pass while enjoying nature. "No matter when you visit, you will be greeted by flowers" Please enjoy the impressive flower scenery to your heart's content. Address: 〒413-0002 Shizuoka Prefecture Atami City Izuyama Himenosawa 1164 Phone number: 0557-83-5301 (Himenosawa Park Management Office) Access: About 30 minutes by bus bound for Motohakone from JR Atami Station→ get off at Himenosawa Park Admission: Free Parking: Free (Sazanka parking lot: 46 cars, 3 buses), etc.
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