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Dylan Gibson
Sep. 17, 2021
Some more photos I took at Todaiji Temple. The first statue is of Vaisravana (多聞天/毘沙門天), another of the Four Heavenly Kings, holding a staff and some sort of small pagoda,. The second statue is Cintamanicakra (如意輪観音), a bodhisattva. The third photo is a (unfortunately poor quality) photo of Vairocana, the Cosmic Buddha from my understanding. The rest of the photos are models of Todaiji's Great Buddha Hall from 800 and 300 years ago, and Nandai-mon, the Great South Gate. The pagoda is, from my understanding, a replica of one of the lost pagodas that used to be located at Todaiji Temple, but I believe was burnt down? I could be wrong about that though. Then last is a photo of the heads of Virudhaka (増長天)(left), and Dhrtarastra (持国天)(right), two of the Four Heavenly Kings. Lots of cool stuff to be seen at Todaiji! Definitely recommend it. My photos don't do it justice at all.
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