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Mar. 26, 2023
Ehime Ozu Tsunakakeiwa (Recommended spots in Ehime Prefecture) #Tsunakake Rock 👈 Today, one piece 📸 of rope rock from Ehime Prefecture My business trip was in Ehime Prefecture, so I went to the place I was interested in after work. 🚗 It was so dark that I couldn't see the rocks in front of me and struggled 💦 to focus. With an exposure time of 30 minutes, I left the lighting to the car passing in front of me and waited. The blue and orange lights were shining on the rocks, and it seems that I was able to take a picture with a good atmosphere. I was really planning to take a picture of the Milky Way here, but I gave 😅 up because of the cloudy sky. 📸data 18mm iso400 f5.6 ss1800sec
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