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Tomakomai Tourism Promotion Division
Jun. 8, 2023
The 68th Tomakomai Port Festival Tomakomai City's major summer event "Tomakomai Port Festival" will be held for 3 days from Friday, August 4 to Sunday, August 6, 5 Reiwa The charm of such a Tomakomai Port Festival is... 1. About 100 stores are lined up at the main venue (Central Park), and you can enjoy Tomakomai's specialties and the taste unique to the festival! 2. You can enjoy many stage events such as traditional performing arts, song stages, and character shows popular with children! 3. You can enjoy a lot of colorful fireworks that color the summer night sky! 4. In addition to the "Tomakomai Citizens' Odori" where Tomakomai citizens come together as one, you can enjoy watching the "Marching Festival" and "Port Carnival" where you walk around Tomakomai City playing musical instruments! Please come to the charming Tomakomai Port Festival!
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