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開智国際日本語学校(Kaichi International School of Japanese)
Aug. 23, 2022
[English/Japanese] Hachioji City has many interesting vending machines. The photo shows a ramen noodle and a pork cutlet sandwich. There are also chiffon cakes and seasonings vending machines. Please look for them. We once had a foreign student from a country that only drinks warm tea. The first time he came to Japan, he drank cold tea from a vending machine and was surprised at how cold it was. There are many interesting vending machines in Hachioji City. The photo shows ramen and katsu sandwiches. There are also chiffon cake and seasoning vending machines. Please look for it. In the past, there was an international student at our school from a country who only drank warm tea. A student who drank cold tea at a vending machine for the first time after coming to Japan said that he was surprised by how cold it was.
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