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Jul. 31, 2023
Hiroshima Onomichi  (Hiroshima Recommended Fireworks Festival) #Onomichi Sumiyoshi Fireworks Festival 👈 @bingolife8 One piece 📸 of fireworks rising from the Onomichi Channel This time I had given up on the fireworks festival, but I decided to go from the afternoon. I arrived at Mukaijima Town after 18 o'clock in search of a point to shoot. I was relieved 😅 to be able to set up a tripod somehow. Everyone posts too early, 😂 so I'm impatient... It was past 0:00 when I arrived home, but I developed 💻😪 while rubbing my sleepy eyes. I wanted to put a ferry, so it's a comparison. It's a little rough development, but I've done it.
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