Thank you everyone for your amazing entries for the 22th COOL JAPAN VIDEOS Photo Contest. After thorough screening, we have decided on the prize-winning entries and will announce the results here.
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The cherry blossoms have fallen, and it has become the season of beautiful fresh greenery. The blue skies and beautiful nature serve to highlight the beauty of the Japanese landscape.

This contest's theme was "Spring in Japan" Submissions with a painting-like atmosphere, as well as submissions featuring exciting scenes of people have been selected.

The COOL JAPAN VIDEOS photo contest is held regularly, so we look forward again to your participation.

We hope that through everyone submitting information about Japan and its attractions, more people will learn about the country and visit Japan from all over the world.

Announcement of Results

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If you were selected as a winner, please follow the proper procedures to receive your prize.
「COOL JAPAN VIDEOS」Photo Contest Grand Prize
Judges' Comments
Morning Sun and Fog (Akita Prefecture)
"Play Park Tose" has a pond that is lined for 700 meters with cherry blossom tries. The inversed cherry blossoms reflected on the water's surface, the piercing rays of the morning sun shining through the clouds, and the rising ice fog come together to form a beautiful scene reminiscent of a pastel painting. This work was chosen for the grand prize.
「COOL JAPAN VIDEOS」Photo Contest Honorable Mention
Judges' Comments
Walking the dog in a flurry of cherry blossom petals
It can be a little disappointing seeing cherry blossoms after their peak bloom, but when the wind blows, you can experience scenery that wouldn't be possible in full bloom. This photo captures a spring day's lighthearted walk by the majestic cherry trees amongst a flurry of blossoms.
「COOL JAPAN VIDEOS」Photo Contest Honorable Mention
Judges' Comments
Spring Quartet (Toyama Prefecture)
In the spring, the town of Asahi in Toyama prefecture is filled with cherry blossoms, tulips, and rapeseed blossoms, with the Northern Alps looming in the background. This photo of Asahi's wonderful scenery almost seems to let you feel the pleasant breeze as you look upon the figure of a lady walking along the riverbank with her clothes fluttering in the wind.
「COOL JAPAN VIDEOS」Photo Contest Honorable Mention
Judges' Comments
Hachimanbori in Spring (Shiga Prefecture)
The town of Omihachiman in Shiga prefecture has been used as a filming location for period dramas due to its charming townscape. The scenery in this wonderful photo leaves you wondering how many years it has been that the scenery has remained unchanged. Perhaps it is because it is evening, but even the colors are evocative of traditional Japanese painting.
「COOL JAPAN VIDEOS」Photo Contest Honorable Mention
Judges' Comments
A Wedding Photo at Kawazu amongst the cherry blossoms
Perhaps a photo taken during the Kawazu Cherry Blottom Festival? The mingling of cherry blossoms and rapeseed blossoms lend color to this view behind the happy couple, making for a truly flowery scene. The traditional wedding kimono is also something we would like to see handed down to future generations.
「COOL JAPAN VIDEOS」Photo Contest Honorable Mention
Judges' Comments
Climax of the Lake Hakuryu Fireworks (Hiroshima Prefecture)
The fireworks festival at Lake Hakuryu, also known for its cherry blossoms, is held in early April, making it the earliest fireworks festival in the prefecture. Beneath the large fireworks display unfolding in the night sky, rows of cherry blossoms can be seen, with inverted cherry blossoms reflected in the lake, and people dressed in spring attire not typical of summer fireworks festivals. This photo of a spring scene at Lake Hakuryu was selected as an honorable mention.
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