Thank you everyone for your amazing entries for the 18th COOL JAPAN VIDEOS Photo Contest. After thorough screening, we have decided on the prize-winning entries and will announce the results here.
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The cicadas are no longer singing and the mornings and evenings have started to cool down. Perhaps now that the weather isn't so harsh, you're thinking of a trip to Japan?

The theme of this photo contest was "Japanese Festivals." This time, our staff selected entries that show what Japanese festivals are all about.

We will continue to hold COOL JAPAN VIDEOS Photo Contests on a regular basis, and we look forward to your future participation.

We hope that by sharing information about Japan, more and more people will learn about Japan's charms and people from all over the world will come to visit Japan.

Thank you for your continued support of COOL JAPAN VIDEOS.

Announcement of Results

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「COOL JAPAN VIDEOS」Photo Contest Grand Prize
Judges' Comments
Bingo Kokufu Festival, Hiroshima Prefecture
A photo of the climactic moment a handheld firework is launched. We have selected this powerful photo, through which you can almost feel the sparks, the smoke, and the hot wind, as the grand prize winner.
「COOL JAPAN VIDEOS」Photo Contest Honorable Mention
Judges' Comments
Fireworks at Inuyama Castle, Aichi Prefecture
The "Japan Rhine Summer Festival and Long-Running Fireworks" is held for 10 days with Inuyama Castle in the background. The fireworks, launched from a boat, cover the entire night sky and illuminate Inuyama Castle, providing a beautiful backdrop for the fireworks display.
The collaboration of the castle and fireworks is simply breathtaking.
「COOL JAPAN VIDEOS」Photo Contest Honorable Mention
Judges' Comments
Furutone River Lantern Festival, Saitama Prefecture
The Furutone River Lantern Festival is a summer tradition in Saitama Prefecture. This photo depicts a different scene from that at night. The sky and river tinted orange by the sunset, as the lanterns stretch far into the distance... We have selected this photo as an honorable mention.
「COOL JAPAN VIDEOS」Photo Contest Honorable Mention
Judges' Comments
Nishimonai Bon Odori, Akita Prefecture
Nishimonai Bon Odori is known as one of the three major bon dances in Japan. The warm light of the torches helps create a more historic atmosphere. The spirited hands of the dancer make us interested to see what the dance is like for ourselves.
「COOL JAPAN VIDEOS」Photo Contest Honorable Mention
Judges' Comments
Gion Festival, Kyoto
Kyoto's Gion Festival is the most famous festival in Japan. You can see floats parading through Shijo Street, as crowds of people cheer and celebrate. The sky and buildings photographed from a high vantage point give the photo a unique sense of depth.
「COOL JAPAN VIDEOS」Photo Contest Honorable Mention
Judges' Comments
Milk Rice Crackers at a Temple Festival
A girl in yukata enjoying a milk-flavored rice cracker with both hands. Her eyes are probably focused on her mother, who is holding the camera. Yukata are only worn in summer, making this no doubt a special moment for her. We have selected this photo as an honorable mention.
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