Notice of Changes to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy (Revised November 24, 2020)

Nov. 19, 2020

Thank you for your continued support of COOL JAPAN VIDEOS!
This notice is to inform you that the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy have been partially revised.
The main changes are as follows:

Revision Date


Key Changes to the Terms and Conditions

・I. Overview|Revisions to Section "3."
3. By using the Service, users shall be deemed to have agreed to these Terms and Conditions as well as the Content Policy and Privacy Policy of the Site as set forth by the company.

・II. Terminology|Swapped "b" and "c"

・II. Terminology|Revisions to section "d"
d. The term user refers to all persons/entities (including members) who use the Site and/or the Service.

・II. Terminology|Revisions to Section "i"
i. The term post refers to the act of a member writing text or uploading images on the Site through the “home” page or “Mypage.”

・XI. Advertisements on the Site|Revisions to Section "1"
1. When users use the Service, they are consenting to the Company or a third party displaying any advertisements on the Site, including videos, articles, and any other type of advertisement.

・XIII. Prohibitions|Revisions to Section "n.(1)"
n.(1) Information for the purpose of commercial advertising, promotion or solicitation. However, this excludes the "Profile" section of "Mypage" on the Site and any other content otherwise approved by the Company.

・XIII. Prohibitions|Added Subsection "(2)" to Section "n"
n.(2) The act of posting URLs and/or links. However, this excludes the URLs of established post detail pages and article pages, as well as profile URLs and any other URLs approved by the Company.

・XIII. Prohibitions|Revisions to Section "o."
o. Posting, commenting, messaging or displaying one's own or a third party's personally identifiable information, such as addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, etc. in a section of the Site that is visible to all users.

・XIII. Prohibitions|Revisions to Section "h."
h. Use of the Site for the purpose of meeting people of the same or opposite sex with whom one is not acquainted.

・XIII. Prohibitions|Added Section "y"
y. Creating an account that impersonates staff, or creating an account that may lead others to believe you are staff, or any actions that may lead to these situations arising.

・XIX. Consent to Use of Information in the Content of a Post|Revisions to Section "5."
5. When using the information in sections 2 to 4, the Company may use the information in posts, including member information, as advertising material by trimming or altering the images, editing text, etc. Advertisements will be posted on sites distributed by third party distribution companies, ad networks, and on external SNS services related to the Service.

Key Changes to the Privacy Policy

・Changed the word "customer" to "user."

・II. Terminology|Revisions
The definitions of the terms used in this privacy policy are as follows:

・III. Agreeing to this Privacy Policy|Revisions to Section "2."
2. If the Company discovers that it has collected and processed the personal information of children under the age of 16 or who have not reached the minimum age specified by the GDPR, which varies according to the laws of the EU member states, without parental permission and consent, the Company will take steps to delete the information as quickly as possible. If you become aware that a child under the age of 16 has provided the Company with personal information, please contact the Company immediately via the contact information specified in Section 11.

・IV. The Utilization of Personal Information|Revisions to Section "3.," Subsection "g."
g. To notify about changes to the Terms and Conditions of Use or this Privacy Policy, or the suspension, discontinuation, or cancellation of the Service, and other important notices related to the Service: fulfillment of contract, legitimate interests

・VIII. Regarding the Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties|Revisions to Section "1.," Subsection "h."
h. In the cases listed in this Privacy Policy and other cases as permitted by the Personal Information Protection Law, GDPR, etc.

・XV. Regarding the Use of External Services|Revisions to Section "1."
1. The Site and a portion of the Service uses the YouTube API service and other services as defined in Section 2 of this article, and the Company may display advertisements on the Website as defined in Article 11 of the Site’s Terms and Conditions of Use.

We appreciate your continued support of COOL JAPAN VIDEOS!