Announcement of the 5th Twitter Campaign: Places in Japan You Want to Visit #AfterCorona

May. 1, 2021

From May 1, 2021 to June 30, 2021, we will be holding another Twitter campaign as they have been very successful.

Up to 30 winners will be selected in a drawing to receive an Amazon gift certificate worth up to ¥3000! ※The number of winners will increase as the number of participants increases.
For more information, please see the "Places you want to visit #AfterCorona Twitter Campaign" campaign page.

Campaign Overview

We will be holding a "Places you want to visit #AfterCorona Twitter Campaign" as they have been well received by the community!

This time, in the hope that the Coronavirus will end, we are calling it the "With/After Corona Campaign" with the COOL JAPAN VIDEOS Photo Contest, and asking people to share the places they would like to visit after Corona.

By tweeting, you'll see a hints about the secret video that our team chose!
Those who use the hints to share the video via tweet will have higher chances of winning!
The hints change over time, so be sure to tweet every once in a while to check for new ones!

Campaign Contents

Share all of the amazing places you want to visit #AfterCorona
We'll be giving away Amazon gift certificates in a drawing from among those who follow our official Twitter account and tweet & share our videos!
【Campaign Period】
May 1, 2021 - June 30, 2021
【Eligible Participants】
All ages, genders, and nationalities welcome
【How To Participate in the Campaign】
①Follow the official Twitter account @CoolJapanVideos
②Tweet using the corresponding button on the campaign page
③Share a video article with the tag "#AfterCorona" on "COOL JAPAN VIDEOS" on Twitter.

We look forward to seeing everyone participating in the campaign!