A New Feature Has Been Added for Selecting Tags for Posts

Sep. 27, 2023

We are pleased to announce that a new function has been added to "COOL JAPAN VIDEOS" for selecting tags when creating a post.
The new features are as follows:

Previously used tags are now displayed at the top of the tag selection list.

When selecting tags for posts (a members-only feature), tags that the poster has used frequently in the past are now displayed as "frequently used tags" at the top of the list.

By applying relevant tags to your posts, you can communicate your content more clearly and increase exposure on relevant pages within COOL JAPAN VIDEOS that are similar to the content of your posts.
Select more tags that are relevant to the content of your post and insert the more relevant tags first.
Increase the exposure of your posts by effectively using tags.

All features listed here, including registration and posting, are provided free of charge.

Because everything on COOL JAPAN VIDEOS is automatically translated by AI into all languages of the world, it eliminates the need for translation staff, enabling low-cost, effective inbound PR.
We invite you to share your photos that illustrate the charms of Japan, as well as information on recommended spots and events in your area, with people around the world.

We hope that these features will help you enjoy COOL JAPAN VIDEOS even more.

COOL JAPAN VIDEOS will continue to add new features to make the site as user-friendly as possible.
Thank you for your continued support of COOL JAPAN VIDEOS.