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14 days ago
Introducing the post of the "Higashikawa Tourism Association" COOL JAPAN VIDEOS official social media account! Higashikawa, Hokkaido is a town located in the center of Hokkaido. Natural water from melting snow is used for rice, vegetables, restaurants, and other daily water in the town. The hot springs in Daisetsuzan National Park are also one of the attractions.
21 days ago
Nice to meet you COOL JAPAN VIDEOS viewers!
This is the Higashikawa Tourism Association.
We will send out attractive tourist information in Higashikawa Town, Hokkaido, where the largest natural park in Japan, "Daisetsuzan National Park", is located in the COOL JAPAN VIDEOS, so thank you!

Higashikawa, Hokkaido, is located in the central part of Hokkaido and is an attractive town full of the blessings of nature.
It is conveniently located about 10 minutes by car from Asahikawa Airport to the center of Higashikawa Town.

Higashikawa Town, Hokkaido is a town without a water supply, which is rare in Japan.
The beautiful natural water created by the snowmelt of the Daisetsuzan mountain range seeps deep underground and is used as water for daily life in the town, restaurants, and various other places.
In agriculture, delicious rice and vegetables are grown using the abundant water resources, and the taste is exceptional.

One of the attractions of Higashikawa Town in Hokkaido is its proud hot springs.
In Higashikawa Town, Hokkaido, there are two hot spring resorts, Asahidake Onsen and Tenjinkyo Onsen, both of which are located in Daisetsuzan National Park.

The facilities around Asahidake Onsen do not have a hot spring town, and the scenery is maintained, such as height restrictions and regular intervals.
Day trip bathing is also possible, so please stop by when climbing or hiking.
While soaking in the hot springs, you can spend a luxurious time admiring the natural scenery.

"Tenjinkyo Onsen" is also popular for its efficacy against diabetes and arteriosclerosis.
There are two hot spring facilities (as of June 2023), and you can stay overnight or take a day trip.
In the surrounding area, there is "Hagoromo Falls", which has been selected as one of the 100 best waterfalls in Japan, and you can also enjoy the famous waterfall.

In addition to hot springs, Higashikawa Town in Hokkaido is rich in attractive sightseeing spots where you can feel the breath of nature.

・Asahidake Visitor Center
Asahidake Visitor Center is a facility that opened in 2019 and provides information on nature and tours of Daisetsuzan National Park.
You can see the diorama of the superb view point when climbing.
You can also exhibit seasonal highlights, AR displays, and virtual experiences of Daisetsuzan with VR goggles.

・Daisetsu Asahidake Gensui Park
It is a park where the natural water of Higashikawa Town, which is rich in calcium and minerals, springs out.
Snowmelt water from the Daisetsuzan mountain range can freely draw spring water that has been naturally filtered over hundreds of years.

・Daisetsuzan Asahidake Ropeway
A 10-minute aerial walk from Asahidake Ropeway Sanroku Station at an altitude of 1,100 meters to Katami Station at an altitude of 1,600 meters offers a magnificent view and you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the four seasons.
When you get off the ropeway, there is a trekking course of about 1 hour that even beginners can enjoy.
In addition, it takes about 2 hours from here to the summit of Mt. Asahidake, and from the summit you can see the Mt. Tokachi mountain range, Mt. Ashibetsu, and Mt. Hotkanbetsudake in a 360-degree panoramic view.

・Canmore Ski Village (Kitoushi Forest Park)
This ski resort is located in Kitoushi Forest Park, a 15-minute drive from Asahikawa Airport.
There are 6 courses, which can be enjoyed by beginners to advanced players, as well as many tourists visiting Japan.
Kitoushi Forest Park also has campsites and cottages, so you can stay overnight.

・Lake Chūbetsu
At Lake Chūbetsuko at the foot of Daisetsuzan National Park, you can experience canoeing.
It is also a highlight that you can enjoy the superb scenery of the four seasons such as fresh greenery, autumn leaves, and snow caps.
A local guide will assist you, so even first-timers can join with peace of mind.

The population of Higashikawa Town, Hokkaido is about 8,400 (as of June 2023), and the population has increased in recent years due to the enhancement of child-rearing support and convenience from the airport.
The natural environment is the perfect place to live a stress-free life.
We also offer the "Higashikawa Town Migration Experience" that allows you to live for 3 months to 1 year.

There is also a town-run Japanese language school, where about 600 foreigners reside, and we are also focusing on supporting international students.

Higashikawa, Hokkaido is an attractive place full of the blessings of nature.
Aiming to be a "photogenic" town with beautiful nature in each of the four seasons, we have declared ourselves the "City of Photography" as the capital of photography culture.
Higashikawa, Hokkaido is packed with various attractions such as a rich natural environment, hot springs, delicious food, and the warmth of the local people.
We will continue to deliver plenty of attractive information about Higashikawa Town, Hokkaido, so thank you.
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