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Nagano Shinanomachi Tourist Association
10 days ago
How do you do! Shinshu Shinano Town Tourist Association. Nagano Prefecture Kamisuunai-gun Shinano Town (Shinanomachi) is a Town in the Northern part of Nagano Prefecture and borders Niigata Prefecture. The population is about 7,000. Restrooms available are surrounded by mountains such as Myoko, Kurohime, Togakushi, Iizuna and Motto, and there are many popular tourist spots such as Lake Nojiri and Kurohime Plateau. COOL JAPAN VIDEOS will provide recommended Tourist Information for Shinano Town, Nagano Prefecture, also known as Kobayashi Issa's hometown. ◆What is Shinano Town, Nagano Prefecture? ◆ In winter, the finest powder snow welcomes you in Shinano Town, Nagano Prefecture. Restrooms available are popular ski resorts such as Kurohime Plateau Ski Resort, Myoko and Ikarao Plateau, making it an ideal area for winter sports. It is also popular with tourists from overseas, including Australia and Taiwan. Shinano Town in Nagano Prefecture is divided into four main areas. ◎ Kurohime Plateau area ◎ Tangram Motto area ◎ Kashiwabara/Fujisato area ◎ Lake Nojiri area ◆Introducing recommended Sightseeing spots in Shinano Town, Nagano Prefecture by four areas◆ 〜〜〜 Kurohime Plateau Area 〜〜〜 In the area of Kurohime Plateau, where you can enjoy the nature typical of Nagano Prefecture, you can enjoy skiing dahlias and cosmos in summer and powder snow in winter. ◎ Kurohime Fairy Tale Museum & Fairy Tale Forest Gallery Literature, art, and nature come together at the Kurohime Fairy Tale Museum. The museum houses and exhibits valuable documents of Michael Ende and Miyoko Matsutani, which are loved by generations, as well as fairy tales and picture books from around the world, as well as folk tales from Borrowed Province. ◎ Kurohime Highland Dog Run It is a vast Dog Run with an area of about 3000㎡. It is made to take advantage of the natural hilly terrain and can be enjoyed by both small and large dogs. ◎ Kurohime Highland Cosmos Garden Kurohime Highland Cosmos Garden is full of beautiful cosmos flowers from summer to autumn. The colorful cosmos flower fields spread over the vast Highlands are as beautiful as a painting. Observation decks and walking paths are maintained in the park, so you can spend a relaxing time while looking at the Flowers. ◎ Mt. Kurohime Mount Kurohime is a symbolic mountain in Shinano Town with an Elevation of 2,053 meters. Mountain trails are maintained and can be enjoyed by both beginners and advanced riders. From the top of the mountain, a 360-degree panorama Unfolds, and on a clear day you can see the mountains in the distance. Mt. Kurohime, where you can enjoy nature in all four seasons, is an attractive Spot for hiking and mountaineering enthusiasts. ◎ Naena Falls Naena Falls is one of the Representative Spots of Shinano Town in Nagano Prefecture. It is a A powerful waterfall with a drop of 55 meters, and its magnificent scenery fascinates people who visit. Promenades are maintained around the area, and you can enjoy a walk while listening to the sound of the waterfall. Especially in the autumn Autumn leaves season, the contrast between the beautiful Autumn leaves and the waterfall creates a spectacular view. 〜〜〜 Tangram Motto Area 〜〜〜 This area is popular as a resort area. There are plenty of golf courses and hot spring facilities. ◎ Mt. Madarao (Mr./Ms.) It is a volcano with an elevation of 1382 meters and is one of the five Five Mountains of Northern Shinshu (Mt. Myoko, Mt. Madarao, Mt. Kurohime, Mt. Togakushi Mountain, and Mt. Iizuna). At the top, a Shrine enshrined with 13 Statue of Buddha Restrooms available. 〜〜〜 Kashiwabara/Fujisato area 〜〜〜 It is the hometown of haiku poet Kobayashi Issa. Restrooms available in the area include the Issa Memorial Hall and Issa's Former Residence, where you can learn about the history of Kobayashi Issa. ◎Issa Memorial Hall A memorial hall built in memory of Kobayashi Issa, a haiku poet born in Shinano Town Kashiwa. The many works he left behind during his lifetime, along with his personality, introduce the state of Kashiwa in the era in which Issa lived. ◎ Roadside Station Shinano Furusato Tenmoukan Roadside Station Shinano Furusato Tenmoukan is a facility that provides Tourist Information and Local products in Shinano Town. Not only can you buy Specialty Products and Souvenirs from Shinano Town in Nagano Prefecture, but you can also enjoy Fresh Local agricultural products and handmade items. 〜〜〜 Lake Nojiri Area 〜〜〜 Activities at Lake Nojiri in summer include kayaking, standup paddleboarding, and Roux. ◎Lake Nojiri Naumann Elephant Museum The Museum is full of highlights such as fossils of Naumann elephants discovered in Lake Nojiri and full-scale models. Focusing on the results of the "Lake Nojiri excavation" that has been going on at Lake Nojiri for more than 40 years, we are researching and exhibiting the natural environment around Lake Shu from about 50,000 years ago to the present. ◎ Lake Nojiri Activities such as boating, fishing, and canoeing can be enjoyed on the shores of Lake Nojiri. Spot is also popular for lake bathing and camping in the summer, making it a great spot for families and couples. In addition, the history of Naumann Elephant fossils excavated from the bottom of the lake Restrooms available, so you can enjoy nature and history at the same time. ◎ Shomyoji Temple Located in a quiet mountainous area, its Precincts are surrounded by nature in all four seasons. Especially in Spring, the "Shidarezakura (weeping cherry blossoms)" blooms beautifully and is visited by many tourists. ◆Recommended Activities in Shinano Town, Nagano Prefecture◆ ◎ Bicycle rental in Shinano Town, Nagano Prefecture During the green season, when ski resorts are closed, it is also recommended to take a leisurely cycling ride while feeling the breeze of Shinano Town in Nagano Prefecture. In In the town, you can rent bicycles at three places: "Information Center in front of Kurohime Station (Shinano Town Tourist Association)", "LAMP Lake Nojiri", and "Nojiri Lake Resort", Restrooms available rental. ◎ Overnight stay, farm stay in Shinano Town, Nagano Prefecture As many as 3,000 elementary and junior high school students visit annually to experience rural life and rural life through Overnight stays and farm stays. A solid reception system for local governments and Town residents has also been established. ◆Specialty products of Shinano Town, Nagano Prefecture◆ Agricultural products such as corn, tomatoes, green peppers, eggplant, and Buckwheat noodles are Specialty products of Shinano Town, Nagano Prefecture. Nagano Prefecture Shinano Town is a paddy monoculture area one of the most the Hokushin region of Nagano Prefecture, and Shinano Town "Akita Komachi rice" and "Koshihikari rice" are also Restrooms available popular. ◆Festivals and events in Shinano Town, Nagano Prefecture◆ ◎ Lake Nojiri Fireworks Festival About 2,000 fireworks are Gari from Lake Nojiri. This is an event loved by the Locals, which will be Held in for the 100th time this year in 2024. ◆Introduction of Tourist Information of Shinano Town, Nagano Prefecture◆ Nagano Prefecture Shinano Town is a Town of rich nature, history, and warm people. Shinano Town, with its seasonal scenery and outdoor activities, is an ideal Sightseeing spot for families and couples. From now on, we will send out recommended Tourist Information of Shinano Town in Nagano Prefecture, so please look forward to it.
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Izena Island Tourism Association.
Nov. 27, 2023
NICE TO MEET EVERYONE WHO WATCHES COOL JAPAN VIDEOS! This is the Izena Island Tourism Association. Izena Island is located in the north of the main island of Okinawa, and the circumference of the island is 17 kilometers, and you can go around it in about 20 minutes by car. Izena Village, Shimajiri District, Okinawa Prefecture is an island consisting of three uninhabited islands: the main island "Izena Island", "Yanaha Island", "Gushigawa Island", and "Furujin Island". The population of Izena Island in Okinawa Prefecture is 1,322 (as of the 2020 (Reiwa 2) survey), and it is also known as the birthplace of "Shoenou", the first king of the second Sho clan of the Ryukyu Dynasty. In this first post, we will introduce Izena Island and introduce the attractions of sightseeing spots and activities. ■■Sightseeing spots on Izena Island, Okinawa Prefecture■■ ◆ Futamigaura Coast (Superb view of two rocks of Gitara) "Gitara" means a sheer rock (cliff), and the sheer rocks in the sea and land are called "sea gitara / land gitara". The Gitara Coast, which has a total length of about 1 km, is dotted with many sea and land gitaras, and it has been selected as one of the 100 best beaches in Japan because of the beauty of the arrangement of sea and land gitara, land and broad-leaved trees! In addition, "Mattera Beach" in the Gitara Coast area is a hidden gem beach with white sand and highly transparent blue waters. There is also a campsite. ◆ Gitara Observatory Located in the Gitara Coast area, the "Gitara Observatory" is a popular observation spot! In particular, it is also a valuable place where you can overlook the two opposite sea and land Gitara. Don't miss the starry sky and city illuminations at night. ◆ Izena Castle Ruins The altitude of the "Izena Castle Ruins" in the southeast of Izena Island is 70m. It is said that the castle was built in the Gusuku period (11th ~ 14th century) by King Shoen's grandfather "Lord Sameigawa". It is said that it was said to be an "impregnable castle" because it was cut into a pyramid shape and had precipitous cliffs on three sides. From the top of the ruins of Izena Castle, you can enjoy a spectacular view of the sea. In addition, the "Izena Tama Palace" at the foot of the ruins of Izena Castle has been designated as an important cultural property of Japan. ◆ Izena Beach (Izena Beach) Located on the south side of Izena Island, this beach has a cobalt blue sea! It is a popular tourist destination where you can enjoy swimming and camping, and toilets and showers are also available. * 2023 (Reiwa 5) partially unusable due to seawall maintenance work from July. ◆ Shoenwang Oniwa Park To commemorate the 580th anniversary of King Shoen's birth, it is a park that was built in 1996 (Heisei 8). There are still a steady stream of worshippers in Shoen-o Oniwa Park, and there is also the Shiohira River in the park, which is said to have been used for the birthing bath of King Shoen. It is a sightseeing spot where you can feel the history of the Ryukyu kings. ◆ Mekaruke House Designated as a nationally designated important cultural property (building), the "Meikari Family Residence" is the house where the direct family of the Mekari family lived. It escaped damage from the war and was well preserved, so it was rebuilt in Meiji 39 (1906) (1906). ◆ Samure Michi The "Samure Road" is an ancient road with a total length of 2 kilometers that was used as the only living road connecting the village of Izena and the southwestern part of Izena Island around the 12th ~ 13th century. "Samure" is a Ryukyu dialect word that means "samurai" (a samurai family related to the royal family). The quartzite (mah stone) laid on the Samure Road resembled the footprints of a samurai, so it was named the Samure Road. The Samure Road is also used as an approach road to connect the royal family's holy tomb, the Izena Tama Palace, when the Meikari family, who are relatives of the Sho family, hold the "Koji Seimei Festival", which is an event to visit the graves of their ancestors. ◆ Shirasagi Observatory Facing the sea, it is an observatory with a good view overlooking the Gitara Coast (Futamigaura) and the sea! It is a popular view spot where you can also see the ruins of Izena Castle and Yanaha Island. ■■Activity information on Izena Island, Okinawa Prefecture■■ ◆ Bicycle rental Izena Island has few gradients, so it is also recommended to rent a bicycle to visit the famous spots! While galloping through the idyllic scenery, please enjoy Izena Island. ◆ Diving, snorkeling The highly transparent sea of Izena Island is ideal for marine activities! There are plenty of highlights such as coral reefs and caves of light. There is no doubt that it will be enjoyed by both beginners and advanced players! ◆ Sea fishing On Izena Island, there are many points for chinu (black bream) fishing. The official website of the Izena Island Tourism Association also has a "Fishing Map of Izena Island", so please make use of it! ■■Gourmet information on Izena Island, Okinawa Prefecture■■ ◆ Awamori Awamori, which is made in the Ryukyu Islands, also has a sake brewery on Izena Island. Please enjoy the mellow taste of awamori! ◆Okinawa Soba in Izena You can enjoy the unique flavors of Izena Island, such as Okinawa Soba using plenty of Okinawa's specialty "Mozuku" and Okinawa Soba using rice from Izena Island for the noodles. ■■ Festivals and event information on Izena Island, Okinawa Prefecture ■■ ◆ Izena 88 Triathlon Tournament Approximately 600 athletes participate every year, making it the largest event on Izena Island. Healthy men and women over the age of 18 are welcome to participate regardless of nationality. The 7-hour heated competition is a must-see! ◆ Unner "Unna" is a traditional festival on Izena Island that prays for a good harvest of rice. Powerful events such as tug-of-war, snai wrestling on a plank, and the Okinawa sumo wrestling tournament will be held. ■■Accommodation information for Izena Island, Okinawa Prefecture■■ There are a variety of accommodation facilities in Izena Island, including hotels, vacation rentals, and guest houses. You can enjoy a wide range of accommodations, from facilities with a view of the beach to accommodations with a cozy atmosphere ■■Tradition of Izena Island, Okinawa Prefecture■■ One of the charms of Izena Island is the tradition of "Ihyajute". Ihyajute is a word that means "the people of Izena are compassionate." The tradition of hospitality, in which visitors from outside the island were given harvests such as fishing without discrimination, has been rooted for a long time. On the island, you can experience Ihyajute, which is still carried over to this day. You can enter the garden where tea is placed on the veranda of the house, listen to the story of the island while drinking tea, and spend a relaxing time, which is a tradition unique to Izena Island. ■■Access information to Izena Island, Okinawa Prefecture■■ ◆ In the case of a private car From Naha Airport, take the expressway and drive north for about 2 hours, and from Unten Port (Nakijin Village), take a car ferry for about 1 hour. ◆ In the case of a taxi From Naha Airport, use the expressway and drive north for about 2 hours (fare: about 16,000 yen) About 25 minutes from Nago City to Unten Port (Fare: about 2,400 yen ~) You can also use buses and highway buses from Naha Airport. For details, please check the official website of the Izunashima Tourism Association. There are also rental car shops for cars, bicycles, mopeds, etc. on Izena Island. Please make use of it when sightseeing. COOL JAPAN VIDEOS WILL CONTINUE TO PROVIDE INFORMATION ON IZENA ISLAND, OKINAWA PREFECTURE, SO PLEASE CONTINUE TO DO SO!
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Kyowa Town, Hokkaido
Nov. 13, 2023
NICE TO MEET EVERYONE WHO WATCHES COOL JAPAN VIDEOS! This is Kyowa Town, Hokkaido. Kyowa Town is a town that was created in Showa 30 by the merger of Ozawa Village, Maeda Village, and Inauguration Village. It is adjacent to 5 towns and 1 village, including Iwauchi Town and the Niseko mountain range. The production of local brand agricultural products "Raden West melon" and "Raden melon" is one of the highest in Hokkaido! In addition, it has been a place for rice for a long time, and "Nanatsuboshi" and "Yumepilika" are produced. Today will be my first post, so I will deliver basic information and tourist information about Kyowa Town, Hokkaido! The climate and weather of Kyowa Town, Hokkaido is warm in winter and comfortable in summer, with an average temperature of minus 3.4 degrees Celsius in January and an average temperature of 21.4 degrees Celsius in August. The population is 5,772 (Reiwa 2) survey). Surrounded by lush greenery, Kyowa Town is a place where you can enjoy nature in all four seasons. [Introduction of popular sightseeing spots in Kyowa Town, Hokkaido] ◆Niseko Kansennuma Natural Recreation Forest "Niseko Kansennuma Natural Recreation Forest" is a popular tourist spot located on a plateau at an altitude of more than 750m! Some promenades are maintained, so even beginners can trek with confidence. Appreciation of alpine plants such as honeyworts is also one of the highlights. The parking lot is also a rest area for the Kansennuma Natural Recreation Forest, and is fully equipped with toilets and shops. From the nearby observatory, you can overlook the Iwauchi Plain and the Sea of Japan! There are also several swamps in the area, and you can enjoy a swamp tour. *Please note that the road will be closed during the winter period from late October ~ late April. ・Shinsennuma Kansennuma is a popular swamp for its fantastic beauty in the Niseko mountain range! The origin of the name "Jinsennuma" is said to have spread because Toyomatsu Shimoda, the founder of the Boy Scouts in Japan, was very impressed when he visited Kansennuma and felt that "it is a place where everyone lives gods and hermits." The expression changes with the change of seasons, such as autumn leaves and fresh greenery, and the blooming of "Ezo daylily" and "cottonwood" has a charm that makes you want to visit again and again. ・Onuma It is a swamp 850 meters above sea level surrounded by the mountain "Weisshorn" that straddles the towns of Kutchan and Kyowa, and the "Nitonupuri" that straddles the towns of Kutchan and Rankoshi. Natural monuments such as "Ezo salamander" and "Japanese crayfish" live here! ・Naganuma A gourd-shaped swamp located about 20 minutes from Kansennuma. It is an artificial lake with a desolate scenery, and it also serves as a dam as a reservoir. ◆Nishimura Keio Memorial Museum of Art The museum focuses on the works of Keiyu Nishimura, a Western-style painter from Kyowa Town, Hokkaido, and houses about 5,500 works, and about 100 are on display at any given time. After the war, Keio Nishimura moved to France, where he was discovered by Mr. Kahnweiler, who is known as Picasso's art dealer, and was a Paris-based painter who received awards such as the French Order of Arts and Letters. The museum's exhibitions are changed about four times a year, and you can enjoy a variety of works. In addition, various programs to enjoy art are regularly held in the museum. The view from the museum is also attractive! ◆ Scarecrow Korikan It is a facility built to pass on to future generations the lifestyle culture of agriculture, which is the main industry of Kyowa Town, and the history of the pioneering of our predecessors. Agricultural machinery and household utensils are on display in the museum. In addition, the "Former Horoni Elementary School" attached to the school has been restored from an abandoned elementary school and reused as an exhibition hall! The atmosphere of that time has been restored as it is as a historical building. ◆ Republican Scarecrow Festival In mid~late August, the "Republican Scarecrow Festival" will be held, where unique "scarecrows" will be lined up! It is full of attractive events such as the "Scarecrow Contest", "Song Stage", "Character Show", and "Agricultural Products Sale". (Event details as of August 2023 (Reiwa 5)) ◆Furusato Nozei tax payment in Kyowa Town, Hokkaido Hokkaido Kyowa Town's proud specialty products can also be purchased with Furusato Nozei! "Hokkaido Crail Camembert Cheese", "Mita Ranch Special Ice Cream", "Raden Melon", and "Raden West Watermelon" are especially popular thank-you gifts. We will deliver a dish that we are proud of! Please check each Furusato Nozei tax payment site. In Kyowa Town, Hokkaido, there are plenty of accommodation facilities such as hot springs and private lodgings. In addition, on the official website of Kyowa Town Hall, we have published a Kyowa Town Tourism Pamphlet, which introduces sightseeing model routes by theme. The Roadside Station is scheduled to open in 2027. WE WILL CONTINUE TO CONVEY THE CHARM OF KYOWA TOWN IN HOKKAIDO THROUGH COOL JAPAN VIDEOS. Thank you in advance!
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Ogimi Marugoto Tourism Association
Jun. 17, 2023
Hello COOL JAPAN VIDEOS viewers! It is the Ogimi Marugoto Tourism Association! We propose a tour program that allows you to enjoy the nature and charm of Ogimi Village! In the COOL JAPAN VIDEOS, we will introduce the tour program of Ogimi Village sightseeing along with the attractive sightseeing spots and traditional culture of Ogimi Village! First of all, I would like to introduce Ogimi Village. Ogimi Village is a village famous for its longevity located in the northern part of the main island of Okinawa, about 2 hours by highway from Naha Airport. It is the gateway to the Yanbaru area, registered as a World Natural Heritage Site, and has a population of about 3,200. This "Yanbaru" area consists of three villages, Ogimi Village, Kunigami Village, and Higashi Village, and there are animals and plants that are highly regarded worldwide. Then, we will introduce popular sightseeing spots and events in Ogimi Village. ・Lower community of Ogimi Ontake It is a sacred spot where about 70 large billow trees, which were designated as a prefectural natural monument in 1974, grow in clusters. It is a treasure trove of nature where you can fully enjoy the original scenery of Ogimi Village, and you may be able to see the spirit "Bunagaya" that lives in the forests of Okinawa. ・Ogimi Shikusa Park If you turn on the wooden faucet at the entrance of the Seekwasa specialized facility, you can taste the Seekwasa juice. You can tour the Seekwasa factory, and at the restaurant, you can taste cheese pizza and island vegetable salad with the aroma of Seekwasa. ・Ogimi Village Summer Festival Held every year in August, the village's largest festival hosts stage events such as tuna dismantling shows, Eisa performances, and Hawaiian dances, and the finale of the festival is a fireworks festival that colors the summer night sky of Ogimi Village. As you can see, there are many attractive sightseeing spots in Ogimi Village, but you can enjoy a special time in Ogimi Village where you can learn about the warmth of people, climate, and history through activities where you can experience nature and interact with the people living in Ogimi Village, rather than just ordinary sightseeing around sightseeing spots. We, the Ogimi Marugoto Tourism Association, recommend experiential and stay-type exchange programs. ・Experience programs that take advantage of the rich natural environment ・Private lodging program that coexists with rich nature ・Exchange programs to experience diverse cultures Based on the above three programs, junior high and high school students experience the culture of Ogimi Village through "agricultural experience," "farm life experience," "nature experience," and "cultural experience" on school trips. Private lodging and farming experiences can be enjoyed by ordinary travelers and inbound tourists alike. There are plenty of optional plans such as marine sports in Churaumi and Okinawan traditional performing arts Eisa experience, so please feel free to contact us. Beautiful scenery, rich nature, history from the Ryukyu Kingdom, traditional culture, and heartfelt hospitality. The village that contains all of these is Ogimi Village in Okinawa Prefecture. We will continue to introduce plenty of attractive information about Ogimi Village sightseeing in the COOL JAPAN VIDEOS, so thank you!
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