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Tomakomai Tourism Association
Mar. 14, 2024
🚀 Experience-based facility "Tomakomai City Science Center Mir Exhibition Hall" 🚀 Located about a 20-minute walk from JR Tomakomai Station, the Tomakomai City Science Center is a facility where you can experience about 40 types of space- and aviation-related experiences for free! 💁‍♀️ The "Mir Exhibition Hall" attached to the building exhibits a spare aircraft of the space station "Mir" launched by Russia (former Soviet Union) in 1986! ✨ "Mir" is not a replica, but a real thing on display, so it is a very spectacular spot! 📸 If you come to Tomakomai City, please stop by! 😊 【 Tomakomai City Science Center Mir Exhibition Hall 】 〇Location: 3-1-12 Asahi-cho, Tomakomai City 〇Opening hours: 9:30~17:00 〇Closed: Monday (if Monday is a holiday, the next weekday) 〇Admission fee: Free 〇 Parking: Free 〇Contact: 0144-33-9158
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Mar. 12, 2024
Onomichi, Hiroshima (Recommended spots in Hiroshima) #Kannon off the coast (Mont Saint-Michel) 👈 I went to Kannon off the coast in Onomichi City, also known as Mont Saint Michel in Onomichi, to photograph the Milky Way! 📸 You can see 🏯 the castle-like Kannondo on a small island On this day, the tide was low, so I attacked 📸 at a super low angle aiming for the reflation of the tide pool I was able to hide the heavy machinery and intense light of the factory on the island or avoid it at a low angle. However, because of my poor eyesight, I could only see the Milky Way dimly, and I didn't notice the puddles, so I soaked my feet and soaked the inside of 💧 my shoes. I managed to take a picture, so I'm going to take it. The development is based on your Milky Way. If the timing is right, it seems that it can overlap with 🌕🏯 the full moon, but... 🤔 Note📝 18mm ISO2400 F2.8 SS15 sec 3500K pic control neutral
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Tateyama City Tourism Association
Mar. 5, 2024
Why don't you go around Tateyama by bicycle? Minamiboso, located in the southern part of the Boso Peninsula, runs around the coastline Roundabout for about 120 km. The course in the mountainous area is undulating enough for the elevation difference, and the scenery and sense of accomplishment are recommended for advanced riders. For beginners, we will guide you to a pottering course where you can run along the sea and enjoy the scent and scenery of the seashore in a relaxed manner. The Tateyama Tourism Association rents not only electric bicycles that are easy on slopes, but also sports bikes such as cross bikes and road bikes for long-distance riding! Bicycles with child seats and children's bicycles are also available, so it is recommended for families! Please contact the Tateyama Tourism Association [0470-22-2000]!
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