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This video, titled "Diving School Underwater Boy|Okinawa (Japan)|Minna Island Tour" (ダイビングスクール海底少年 沖縄 水納島ツアー), was released by "Diving Lab" (ダイビングラボ).

The Kerama Islands in Okinawa are a great place to go scuba diving.
The waters are one of the bluest in the world and so clear that they've been dubbed "Kerama Blue."
The Kerama Islands consist of more than 20 islands of various sizes, mainly Aka Island, Zamami Island, Tokashiki Island, and Geruma Island.

It's easy to get to these islands, which are about an hour's boat ride from Naha City, and are popular for marine recreation.
The video shows six dive sites on Aka and Zamami Islands.
Enjoy the crystal clear "Kerama Blue" waters!

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Last Updated : Sep. 15, 2020
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