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Kyoto's Traditional Performing Art "Miyako Odori," a Very Popular Attraction Among Both Japanese and Foreign Travelers!

This video, “The 143rd Miyako Odori(第143回都をどり 143rd Miyako Odori),” produced by Lively Kyoto, introduces the splendid dance performance “Miyako Odori” from 2015.

"Miyako Odori" is a traditional dance performance by geiko and maiko from Gion Kobe, the largest flower district in Kyoto.
Usually, watching the dances of geikos and maikos is a difficult hurdle, but the people of Kyoto have loved them as events where they can enjoy luxurious dances at reasonable prices.
Today, many foreign tourists come to see geiko dancing in kimono.
Be sure to check out the video and enjoy the elegant Japanese dance of the traditional performing art "Miyako Odori".

Kyoto's Traditional Springtime Entertainment. The History of Miyako Odori

"Miyako Odori" is a traditional performing art that began in 1872 (Meiji 5). The origin and history of Miyako Odori is that it was designed as a form of entertainment. The first exposition was held in Kyoto.
The dance is known to be performed by geisha and maiko (active in Kyoto's famous flower district, Gion Kobe) wearing Kimono and accompanied by the crowd chanting "Yoiyasa".
You can hear the crowd shouting "Yoiyasa" at 0:08 in the video.
As you can see in the video, this is a very quaint performance that involves dancing to the live music of shamisen, flute, and drums.
The performance of "Miyako Odori" is performed in a one-hour style without lowering the curtain a single time.

The Gion Festival, one of the three major festivals in Kyoto, was built in 1923.
There have been performances at the Gion Kobe Kaburenjo, a registered tangible cultural property located in Gion-cho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto City, Kansai Region, but it has been closed for seismic repair work since 2016. Therefore, performances are currently held on the stage of Minamiza in Kyoto.

The traditional performing art "Miyako Odori" is a performance that has been devised in various ways, such as to relate to the four seasons and the zodiac signs of Kyoto.
Ryu Inoue, who devised the traditional dance Miyako Odori, is a singer in Gion Kobu.
"Miyako Odori" expresses Kyoto's spring, summer, autumn and winter through dance.

Gion Kobe Kaburenjo Tea Room Information

Image of Matcha and Japanese sweets
Photo:Matcha and Japanese sweets

There was a tea ceremony at Gion Kobe Kaburenjo, but it is not available at the current "Minamiza".
The tea ceremony is a traditional Japanese culture where sweets and matcha are served.
At the tea ceremony held before the performance, the maiko carries the matcha that was lit by the geisha.
The dumpling dish with sweets can be purchased as a souvenir.

The performance is also popular among foreigners because it allows you to sit in a chair.
Fans of "Miyako Odori" are looking forward to the reopening of this tea ceremony.

Summary of Miyako Odori

The performance of the 2020 "Miyako Odori" will also take place on the stage of "Minamiza" in Kyoto.
The 2020 period is about one month from April 1 to 27, with three performances a day.
Tickets can be purchased online.
We recommend that you visit the official website of Gion Kobe Kabukai for performance dates, times and prices.
On the official website, there is also mail ordering of original goods.

This video introduces the charm of the gorgeous group dance of the traditional performing art "Miyako Odori" in about 4.5 minutes. If you haven't watched it yet, be sure to check it out!

【Official Website】Gion Kobe Kabukai Official Website

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The True Beauty of Japan- “Miyako Odori”, Which Tells of the Spring in Kyoto. A Traditional Japanese Performing That Displays the Beautiful Dances of Geiko and Maiko.
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