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The REON POCKET 3, a Wearable Air Conditioner: Video Introduction

This video, titled "[Official] REON POCKET 3 Wearable Air Conditioner" (【公式】REON POCKET 3(レオンポケット 3)ウェアラブルサーモデバイス), was uploaded by "First Flight JP."
In recent years, air-conditioned clothing has been catching on among construction sites, where extreme heat can sometimes be fatal, and companies are focusing their efforts on measures to prevent heat stroke.

In April 2022, Sony launched its latest model of wearable air conditioners. The product has also started to catch on among office workers as well.
Check out the video to see what the REON POCKET 3 wearable air conditioner looks like.

The REON POCKET 3's Peltier Device Technology

Sony's REON POCKET 3 wearable air conditioner, which is currently attracting a lot of attention, utilizes a Peltier device (a semiconductor module that cools one side and warms the other as electricity is passed through it).

It is a new wearable thermo-device that can directly cool or heat what it comes into contact with, and has succeeded in increasing cooling efficiency by incorporating a new thermo-engine and heat dissipation mechanism.

Features include smart cooling and longer operation times compared to conventional products.
As the product is a wearable air conditioner, a special shirt is sold with it, which features a pocket at the back of the neck. The wearable air conditioner can also be worn around the neck without a special shirt by using a special neck band.

The REON POCKET 3: How it Works & Pricing

The REON POCKET 3 wearable air conditioner automatically starts cooling/heating by simply placing it around your neck, and automatically turns off when removed.

In addition, by registering your personal preferences via the app, the device automatically adjusts heating/cooling to your liking. Furthermore, the device features five sensors that detect temperature and activity, and adjust temperature accordingly.

The price of the REON POCKET 3 wearable air conditioner goes for 14,850 yen (~$110). Other prices include: Special inner wear (1,980 yen), specialized shirt (7,700 yen), special neck band (1,430 - 1,980 yen).

Workman, Fujitsu General, and Kuraray - Three More Wearable Air Conditioners

Image of air conditioned clothing
Photo:Air conditioned clothing

Sony isn't the only manufacturer of wearable air conditioners. Here are three more popular Japanese brands with useful products.

[Workman] Air-conditioned Clothing
This product pioneered the use of air-conditioned clothing. By sending air through the clothes, sweat is evaporated and the body is cooled, making the wearer more comfortable. Although these products are mainly worn at construction sites, Workman's products are also popular because they are highly fashionable. The vest type is particularly easy to move in and is drawing attention as a heat-protection product for summer camps.

[Fujitsu General] Cómodo gear
Like the REON POCKET 3, Cómodo gear is a wearable air conditioner that can be used for cooling or heating. This product is wrapped directly around the neck and cools the carotid arteries to provide a cooling sensation. The product is available for rental to companies, but is not available for individual rental.

[Kuraray] Electronically Controlled Heating and Cooling Jacket
This is another product developed by Kuraray as a wearable air conditioner that can be used for cooling and heating. The jacket is currently being sold on a trial basis since the summer of 2020, and is expected to be used for outdoor work and as sportswear.

Summary of Wearable Air Conditioners, a Device for Children and Adults Alike

The wearable air conditioner developed and marketed by Sony is lighter and quieter than the air-conditioned suits that have been popular in Japan in recent years, and has received rave reviews on Amazon and other sites. Its compact design and low profile make it a heat stroke countermeasure for women, children, and the elderly, and it's sure to become a popular product.

The innovation and stylish design of the product may also attract younger audiences as a product likely to appear on websites like Instagram. The wearable air conditioner is now attracting attention as cutting-edge technology. It's sure to become a valuable weapon for office workers working hard during the summer heat.

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Beat the Heat With a Wearable Air Conditioner! A Look at Sony's REON POCKET 3, and 3 Useful Products From Workman and More
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