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The Beautiful Natural Scenery of Ogimi Village, Okinawa

This video, titled "[Ogimi Village] Ogiumi Marugoto Tourism Association" (【大宜味村】_おおぎみまるごとツーリズム協会), was released by "TOYO Planning & Printing, INC." It's a 4K video introducing Ogimi Village, using drones and time lapse technology.

The video introduces recommended sightseeing spots, historical and traditional culture, and gourmet information to enjoy sightseeing around Ogimi Village, Okinawa Prefecture!
The beautiful scenery of Ogimi Village in Okinawa Prefecture is captured in the video. It's full of Instagram worthy locations that you can't help but admire.

This video will convey the beauty of Japan's natural landscapes with a sense of nostalgia.
Sit back, relax, and enjoy.

Endless Natural Landscapes! Tourist Attractions of Ogimi Village, Okinawa

Ogimi Village, Okinawa Prefecture, a sightseeing destination in Japan, is a popular place to relax and forget about the passing of time.
You can enjoy a variety of Japanese festivals, such as the Kijoka Festival (喜如嘉まつり), the Ogimi Village Summer Festival (大宜味村夏まつり), the harvest festival, Honen Odori (豊年踊り), and the Umigami Festival (海神祭), held to pray for a good fishing season.
Okinawa's Ogimi Village is a tourist destination where you can experience things you won't find in the city.
It's easy to visit as there are reasonably priced minpaku (Japanese-style homestays) and hotels.

Okinawa's Ogimi Village is also a popular tourist attraction, where you can visit the Ogimi Village Government Building, which is famous as a National Intangible Folk Cultural Property of Japan, and also a place where you can buy Kijoka bashofu, a traditional Japanese cloth.

Other popular tourist attractions in Kunigami include the "Shikuwasa Theme Park," which is a great place to visit for families.

The Lilac Field Shown in the Video

One of the best scenic spots is Okurareruka Field in Kijoka, Ogimi Village, Okinawa, where from late March to early April, the fields are covered with irises.
The fields of irises in full bloom are absolutely breathtaking.

You can see the beautiful scenery in the video, but it pales in comparison to the real thing.
Be sure to take a camera to take pictures for your Instagram!

Sightseeing and Food in Ogimi Village, Okinawa!

Ta Waterfall in Ogimi Village, Okinawa Prefecture, a tourist attraction where you can enjoy the waterfalls of Japan, is one of Okinawa's most powerful power spots.
We recommend engaging in some light sports while strolling around the area!

There are many other places to visit in Bunagaya Village (ぶながやの里), a place where traditional Japanese agriculture thrives, and there are many endangered wildlife species that you won't find anywhere else.

In the tourist area of Ogimi Village, Okinawa Prefecture, there are many gourmet spots where you can eat soba, the secret to longevity, and you can also enjoy finding delicious, lesser known restaurants.

Summary of Sightseeing in Ogimi Village, Okinawa

In this article, we introduced the natural landscapes of Ogimi Village, Okinawa alongside the video. Ogimi Village is a tourist destination where you can enjoy the great outdoors of Japan and beautiful natural scenery.
It's a great place to visit with your family, friends, and loved ones, or even alone!

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May. 24, 2022
鈴木 正孝(Masataka Suzuki)
Ogimi Village in Okinawa Prefecture - Enjoy the Beautiful Tropical Scenery and Flower Gardens Surrounded by the Emerald Green Sea and Mountains!
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