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Kagoshima Prefecture's "Wasure No Sato Gajoen"

This time we have a video about "Wasure no Sato Gajoen" in Kagoshima Prefecture.
This video is a must-see for those who want to enjoy relaxing hot springs and delicious food in a calm, rural location.
The video "'Wasure no sato Gajoen' YADO-PV/JAPAN : 宿PV_忘れの里雅叙苑02," produced by "private-onsen JAPAN," features a ryokan located in Kirishima City, Kagoshima Prefecture, located in Japan's Kyushu Region.
It's a promotional video that displays the beauty of Myoken Onsen's "Wasure no Sato Gajoen."

The Japanese Ryokan "Myoken Onsen Wasure no Sato Gajoen" is a popular hotel on travel and comparison sites.
After watching the video, you'll definitely feel like traveling out to the sticks and relaxing in some onsen.
We hope you enjoy the video!

What Is Wasure no Sato Gajoen?

"Myoken Onsen Wasure no Sato Gajoen," is located in Kirishima City, Kagoshima Prefecture. It is reminiscent of a traditional village, and was built by dismantling the original building and reconstructing it in its current location. It has become a popular onsen ryokan that many tourists visit for its Japanese-like scenery.

This ryokan set a recent trend with rooms with open-air baths and a new style of room with a bath in the living room.
There are five types of guest rooms: general guest rooms, guest rooms with an open-air bath, special guest rooms with an open-air bath, guest rooms with a living room, and special guest rooms with a living room.
Rooms can be viewed from 0:43 in the video.
You can also see the world's first living room with a private hot spring in it.

Spend a delightful time at Myoken Onsen, a hot spring to rid yourself of fatigue, and meals made with organic ingredients.

Features of Myoken Onsen at [Myoken Onsen Wasure No Sato Gajoen] in Kirishima City, Kagoshima Prefecture

"Myoken Onsen Wasure no Sato Gajoen" is a hot spring located in Kirishima City, Kagoshima.
It's a recommended hot spring where you can rid yourself of fatigue while enjoying the splendid view of the surrounding area.

It took half a year to hollow out a huge monolithic rock weighing nearly 20 tons in the "Kenyu," bathhouse to make it what it is today.
It couldn't have been made in another location as this location uses water directly from the natural spring underground.
The hot spring is also available for day trips.
The nostalgic private bath "Utase-yu / Ramune-yu," which gives the image of an old spa bath, is a natural spring that gushes forth naturally and stimulates circulation of the blood circulation through carbon dioxide gas.

The spring's qualities are: sodium, magnesium, and sodium bicarbonate. It is a low tonicity, neutral hot spring and is effective against chronic skin diseases, cuts, burns, allergic diseases and hives, and also helps create naturally beautiful skin.

Heal your body and relieve your fatigue at the hot springs of Myoken Onsen Wasure no Sato Gajoen.
The springs are also fully equipped with amenities.

Dining at [Myoken Onsen Wasure No Sato Gajoen]

As you can see from 1:17 in the video, "Myoken Onsen Wasure no Sato Gajoen" lets you enjoy Japanese gourmet cuisine.

The meals served at Gajoen are regional Japanese dishes made from fresh vegetables, local chicken and fish. You can enjoy the comforting flavors of grilled fish, tofu and rice with sweet potatoes. The food is very beautiful visually and conveys the food culture of Japan's Satsuma region.

Rid yourself of fatigue by eating the local dishes of Gajoen, packed with rich, Japanese ingredients.

The Facilities of [Myouken Onsen Wasure No Sato Gajoen]

As mentioned before "Myoken Onsen Wasure no Sato Gajoen" is a renovated structure with a thatched roof, and it has excellent facilities.

Gajoen's kitchen "Mizuya", the lobby "Hearthfire Hut," the dining hall "Icho-no-Ma" the gourmet cafe "Fubosha," and the aesthetic salon "Gajoen Spa" all offer beautiful scenery that allows visitors to feel the ancient Japanese culture.
Take a walk around the hotel's facilities in a yukata, or whatever else you fancy, at Myoken Onsen Wasure no Sato Gajoen.

Sightseeing at [Myoken Onsen Wasure No Sato Gajoen]

Image of Hot Spring Steamed Vegetables at Kirishima Hot Spring Market
Photo:Hot Spring Steamed Vegetables at Kirishima Hot Spring Market

Myoken Onsen, where Gajoen is located, has many sightseeing spots and landmarks that you should visit at least once.

Some sightseeing locations include: “Kumaso no ana,” “Kareigawa Station,” “Kirishima Jingu,” “Kirishima Onsen Village,” “Shiroyama Observatory,” “Kirishima Kogen,” “Maruo Falls,” “ Kirishima Onsen Market,” “Kagoshima Jingu,” “Kokubun Shiroyama Park," and more!

Summary of "Myoken Onsen Wasure No Sato Gajoen"

"Myoken Onsen Wasure no Sato Gajoen" has convenient transportation access from Kagoshima Airport, taking only about 15 minutes to get to by car.
Room rates and prices vary by season and plan, so please check the official website as well as travel websites when making a reservation.

Gajoen offers the best in hospitality and plenty of Instagrammable spots where you can enjoy Japanese scenery.
Soothe your body and soul with the hot springs and be empowered by delicious gourmet food! You can't possibly have a bad time here!
Be sure to watch the video if you still haven't, as it lets you get a feel for what Gajoen is like.

◆ Wasure no Sato Gajoen ◆
【Address】4230 Shuku kubota, Makizono-cho, Kirishima-shi, Kagoshima 899-6507, Japan
【Access】About 15 minutes by car from Kagoshima Airport
【Telephone No】0995-77-2114

【Official Website】Wasure no Sato Gajoen

【Tripadvisor】Wasure no Sato Gajoen

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