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Introducing the Beauty of Toyama- The “Sparkling Firefly Squid”

This time, we introduce a rare video called "The Mysterious Lights of Firefly Squid" (富山湾、ホタルイカの身投げ (Mysterious Lights of Firefly Squid)).

Firefly squid are a creature with a special characteristic where the tip of their tentacle emits a pale bluish light.
As you can see in the video, the firefly squid gather on the dark beach at night and emit blue light, creating a very romantic scene.

The Mysterious Lights of Toyama

Image of full moon
Photo:full moon

The Mysterious Lights of Firefly Squid is a phenomenon in which a firefly squid comes close to the coast for spawning and is launched onto the beach by the power of the waves.

The lights of Toyama's firefly squid cannot be seen easily unless the conditions, weather, and time allow it.
The phenomenon occurs at midnight in early spring (March to May), near the mouth of the Jinzu River or the Hayatsuki River, and frequently occurs on high tide days with gentle waves.

It is said that the firefly squid loses direction on a moonless day, so they are more likely wash ashore before and after the new moon.
From 0:38 in the video, you can see many firefly squids rushing to the beach.

How to Observe the Mysterious Lights of Firefly Squid

During the spring season, firefly squid fishing boats sail around Toyama Bay.
In the Namerikawa area, there are also fixed shore nets in the Namerikawa fishing port.
The place where the firefly squid swarm is also a nationally designated special natural monument.

If you want to see the firefly squid in action, take a firefly squid marine sightseeing boat.
Since it is possible to collect firefly squid brought to the beach without a fishing license, we recommend taking a sightseeing tour of firefly squid throwing and scooping.
From 0:06 in the video, many people have nets, and you can watch a video of people fishing for firefly squid in shallow water.

Tasting Toyama's Firefly Squid

Image of Firefly squid with vinegar miso
Photo:Firefly squid with vinegar miso

Spring is a season when many firefly squid come to the shore.

After challenging firefly squid scooping, it's time to eat the local specialty of Toyama.
In addition to raw firefly squid, recipes such as boiled firefly squid with vinegar miso are also exquisite.

Summary of the Mysterious Lights of Toyama

The appearance of the pale light at 0:59 in the video is exactly what is referred to as the "jewel of the sea."
Watching the shimmering firefly squid on the sandy beaches of Yaezuhama shoreline will surely be an extraordinary experience.

You can also get some great Instagram photos at the photo locations shown at 1:32 in the video.

Written By
Apr. 23, 2021
坂崎 なお(Nao Sakazaki)
Interested in Japanese culture and traditions! I'll be introducing lovely scenery to you!

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A Superb View of the Beach Filled With Glittering Blue Light! The
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