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Introducing KidZania!

This is an introductory video produced by KidZania Tokyo.
KidZania Tokyo, a children’s job experiencing theme park, is a popular spot where children can experience many Japanese companies’ jobs using real-world tools and equipment.

Every child has their own future dreams and goals, and for parents who want to let their children experience different jobs they might have in the future, KidZania Tokyo is a great place.
Let’s watch the video and check out what kind of place the children's job experiencing theme park, KidZania Tokyo, is!

What Is KidZania Tokyo?

KidZania Tokyo, located in Koto-ward, Tokyo, is a facility where children between the ages of 3 and 15 can experience jobs.
At KidZania Tokyo, there are more than 90 kinds of activities (jobs) to experience, for example, craftsman jobs and service jobs, jobs moving your body, Japan’s traditional jobs, etc.

One of the attractive points of KidZania Tokyo is that it is located inside Tokyo LaLaport Toyosu, which is easy to access.
You can use the parking lot at LaLaport Toyosu as well.
If you're in the Kansai Area, we recommend visiting KidZania Koshien in Nishinomiya city, Hyogo prefecture.
Admission fees for KidZania vary by time and age of children, so we recommend looking up prices before visiting.

What Kinds of Jobs Can You Experience at KidZania Tokyo?

There are many jobs to experience at KidZania Tokyo.
Popular activities (jobs) at KidZania Tokyo include cabin attendants, train conductors, and more.
Children are guided using English while enjoying experiencing these jobs.

At KidZania Tokyo, there are other jobs to experience as well. For example, court work, a dental clinic, bank, department store, gas station, eye glasses shop, delivery center, beauty salon, mayonnaise factory, as well as food & drink service jobs like sushi shops, pizza shops, and ice cream shops.
At KidZania Tokyo, children put on uniforms for each job to provide a more realistic experience. You can see scenes of children experiencing jobs throughout the video.

Parents and guardians cannot experience activities or go inside the pavilions, but taking photos is allowed, so be sure to take pictures! They'll make great memories.

Many famous Japanese companies offer pavilions as official sponsors of KidZania Tokyo.
Children select the jobs they wish to try from numerous pavilions at KidZania Tokyo, and experience each them.

Tips for Enjoying Kidzania Tokyo

At KidZania Tokyo, items that children create in activities are called deliverables, and they can eat the food they make, or take home what they created as a souvenir.
Also, after experiencing jobs at KidZania, the children are payed money called KidZos, which can be received from ATMs.
By using KidZos, you can participate in KidZania activities as guests, or buy things like toys at the department store or other shops.

Online reservation of admission is also available at KidZania Tokyo’s official website.
Please be aware that there may be some waiting time at the reception area on weekends when crowded.

Summary of Kidzania Tokyo!

Before your visit, be sure to watch this video and experience the realism of KidZania Tokyo.
In the video, there are no actual interviews with those who have visited the park, but you can see scenes of children experiencing jobs.
Experiencing what work is like at KidZania Tokyo makes for a precious real-world experience for children, and many children’s future dreams are born at KidZania Tokyo.
Why not have your children experience what work may be like for them in the future, at KidZania Tokyo?

【Official Website】KidZania Tokyo

【Official Website】KidZania Koshien

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Last Updated : Jul. 6, 2021
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KidZania Tokyo Is a Popular Place Where Children Can Experience Their Dream Job! Learn About Its Features, Appeal and the Types of Jobs Available!
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