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Amakusa, Kumamoto: A World Heritage Site in Japan

This video is "Memories of Amakusa" (祝・世界遺産登録 熊本県天草市『Memories of Amakusa』), produced by Studio Kama.
In May 2018, UNESCO approved Japan's "Hidden Christian Sites in the Nagasaki Region," as a World Heritage Site.
With this, Japan has registered 22 World Heritage Sites.

Hidden Christians are one of the sad histories of Japan that was masked by the era of isolation.
Nowadays, the churches and chapels, with their unique blend of Japanese and Western style, and their exhibits of clothing from that time period, are attracting a great deal of attention as valuable historical artifacts, and as the place where the first full-scale Christian missionary work in Japan began.
It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Kumamoto Prefecture.

The video shows the climate and scenery of the beautiful Kyushu region and Amakusa, Kumamoto Prefecture, and introduces historical sites designated as World Heritage sites, through aerial photography.
Please watch the video and enjoy the charm of Amakusa in Kumamoto Prefecture, an archipelago consisting of more than 120 islands of various sizes with a population of 80,000.

A World Heritage Site of Japan! Things to Do in Amakusa, Kumamoto

The "Hidden Christian Sites in the Nagasaki Region," registered as a World Heritage Site, consists of 12 properties: "Hara Castle Ruins," "Sacred Sites and Villages of Hirado Island - Kasuga Village and Mt. Kuroshima, "Sacred Sites and Villages on Hirado Island - Nakaenoshima," "Nozaki Island Village Terrace," "Tokagashima Village," "Kugashima Village," "Namishima Egami Village - Egami Tenshudo and Surroundings areas," "Oura Tenshudo," and "the Village of Sakizu in Amakusa."

The theme of the magnificent history of secretly defending the faith between the 17th and 19th centuries is divided into four periods: the Beginning, the Formation, the Maintenance and Expansion, the Transformation and End.
Facilities registered as a World Heritage Site are divided into the Shimabara side of Nagasaki Prefecture and the Kumamoto Prefecture side.

In the Sakizu community there is : “Tsuji Island (0:07)," "Matsuzaki (0:28)," "Sakizu Catholic Church (0:38)," "Sakitsu Catholic Church," "Oe Tenshudo Church," "Amakusa Shimojima," "Amakusa Ariake Octopus street," "Amakusa Christian Museum," "Amakusa Islands," "Dolphin Marine World," "Aamakusa Rozariokan," "Ushibuka Haiya Bridge," and "Jusambutsu Park."
All of these are great sightseeing spots and popular tourist destinations.
Other popular activities include dolphin cruising and dolphin watching.

Achievements of the Missionary, Father Luis Almeida

Luis de Almeida, a Portuguese missionary and physician who visited Japan at the end of the Warring States period, was known for introducing western medicine to Japan and building Japan's first hospital.

Although there is a hospital named after him in Oita City, Oita Prefecture, he spent his last years in Amakusa, where he died, and his residence and grave markers in Amakusa have become a little-known tourist attraction in Japan as a place of saintly origin.
Nowadays, it's one of the best places to visit for those in the know.

The Pride of Japan's World Heritage Site! Gourmet Points in Amakusa, Kumamoto Prefecture

The Amakusa Islands are remote islands in Kumamoto Prefecture.
Surrounded by the sea on all sides, the area is blessed with abundant nature, spectacular scenery and seafood.
The Amakusa lobster in particular is a local specialty and is one of the most popular gourmet foods in Amakusa.

You can also enjoy Japanese cuisine with plenty of fresh seafood at hotels and inns in Amakusa.
How about taking a stroll through the historic villages and chapels and topping it off with a delicious seafood dinner?
The photogenic seafood is sure to look great on Instagram.

Local specialties of Kumamoto include pepper lotus root, Ikinari dumplings, dashi soup, dango soup, Chikuwa salad, Kumamoto ramen, Higo deko eggplant, red beef, tofu dish, Takana meal are also available in Amakusa.

Events in Amakusa, Kumamoto

Various events are held in Amakusa, Kumamoto Prefecture, where visitors can enjoy the rich nature and seasonal scenery as well as the world heritage sites of the Hidden Christians.

Events such as the Amakusa Hiya Festival, Fireworks Festival, Amakusa Marathon Event, Amakusa Donbowl Fair, and Ushibuka Akane Market are great ways to spend your time in Amakusa, Kumamoto.

Summary of Amakusa, Kumamoto Prefecture

The chapels and villages associated with Christians in hiding, who escaped the harsh oppression of the shogunate and continued their faith in secret, are filled with Christian symbols cleverly hidden in their purely Japanese-style architecture, and this alone provides a sense of historical romance.

Amakusa, in Kumamoto Prefecture has a wide range of accommodations for hotels and inns.
Thanks to the Amakusa Airport, transportation access is also convenient.
Enjoy the beautiful and fascinating nature and village landscape of the Amakusa Islands featured in this article.
Only in Amakusa, Kumamoto Prefecture, can you experience a taste of the West.
Be sure to check out the video and see what it's like.

【Official Website】Amakusa Hall

【Official Website】Kumamoto Amakusa sightseeing guide

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